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NEW (9/Feb/16): Midsomer Murders Cluedo is now available. Check it out at Amazon

NEW (4/Mar/15): Now that most browsers can cope with special character sets, I've updated the International Page to display Croatian, Czech and Slovenian card names correctly (e.g. Gospod-ica Toncvic/ now displays as Gospođica Tončić). If anyone could give me the correct codes for Cantonese & Japanese or if your country is missing from the list, please Contact Me (Note: A lot of the editions have "standardised" to the names of nearby countries, to reduced printing costs. I'd love to know the "traditional" names as well as current ones).

NEW (1/Sep/14): Years before he headed Dr. Who - Russell T. Davies wrote Cluedo Series 4 Episode 1 - "Finders Keepers". Check out the screen captures and info for it in the Cluedo TV Series Guide.

NEW (22/Aug/14): The Cluedo TV Series Guide gains the information and pictures for Series 3 Episode 6 - "Deadly Dowry".

NEW (19/Aug/14): Added James Porter's Lego Cluedo Cards to the Fan Art page.
Updated the Current Release links (above) and the Shopping page with lots of items.
Got rid of all the dead websites in the Links page (so many have gone!) and added Matthew Chapman's new site.

NEW (15/Aug/14): I want to finish off adding all the information to the Cluedo TV Series Guide, so today I have added all of the information and pictures for Series 3 Episode 4 and Episode 5.

NEW (7/Aug/14): The Online Deduction Game, that I made in 2002 had (unsuprisingly as web browsers have changed a lot since then) stopped working. I've fixed this now, so you should be able to play it again.
Please see the Twitter Feed (left) for other recent news.

NEWS (11/Dec/13): Looking for Christmas presents? How about Big Bang Theory Clue / Cluedo or the most recent editions of Clue / Cluedo - which are mostly like the traditional version but with the corridors removed, some of the rooms changed and a couple of other tweaks. Follow the links to or

NEWS (03/Sept/13): The Story of Cluedo: How Anthony Pratt Invented the Game of Murder Mystery by Jonathan Foster is now available on! Crammed with lots of freshly uncovered facts about the history of Cluedo & Clue. Check it out!
A fascinating article going behind the scenes on Clue: The Movie, has been published on BuzzFeed. Adam B. Vary has interviewed cast and crew to get first hand memories of the filming. READ IT!

NEWS (11/Apr/12): A fab new app has just been released for the iPhone/iPad called Clued Up. You use it while playing the boardgame and it will keep track of everyone's suggestions, cross-reference cards shown and do fancy calculations to work out who owns which cards.
There's a free version that does the basics and a paid version for $1.99 (£1.49 / 1,59€) that has superhuman capabilities! Check out a demo video here.

NEWS (14/Dec/11): Updated the New Release section (above) with links and images for World of Harry Potter and Discover The Secrets. Make someone happy this Christmas by clicking the links above and buying them a fab Clue(do) gift!

NEWS (30/Aug/11): We're now on Facebook and Twitter! Please Like and Follow us for news on the website, discussions and more.!/cluedofan
I have also added a Twitter feed to the left of this page.
(Yes, this website WILL be getting a redesign soon!)
Lastly, a reminder that you can support this site a little by making purchases from The Shop or buying products from the Shopping page.

NEWS (15/Feb/11): The Clue soundtrack has finally been released by La-La Land Records. Limited edition of 3,000 copies. Click here for the full details and to order. [Thanks Michael B. for the news!].

NEWS (20/Jan/11): The latest news is that La-La Land Records has said that the Clue soundtrack should be released on 1st February. [Thanks Daz for that update].

NEWS (15/Sep/10): Exciting news - La-La Land Records has announced that they will be releasing John Morris' music to the film Clue on CD in November! Finally! [Thanks Michael B. for the info!]

NEW (12/Sep/10): Wow - where did the time go? This site is well overdue an overhaul, so I shall get my act together and get it sorted! In the meantime, a few minor updates:
Added Cluedo Party Tudor Mansion Edition to the Merchandise area and FAQ.
Added Extreme Cluedo Fan Community to the Links Page.
And just had it's 13th birthday! Hopefully that's not a bad omen... Maybe it's just another sign that, as it's entering its teenage years, it's time for a new look...

NEWS (10/Dec/09): CLUEDO IS 60! To celebrate Cluedo's 60th anniversary, Hasbro has made a viral about the British love for murder mysteries and Cluedo. It includes interviews with Barry Forshaw from the Crime Writers Association and Craig Wilkins from Hasbro. Check it out here.
Also, don't forget to buy the new Harry Potter Cluedo for Christmas! You can get it from: or; or maybe Clue Secrets and Spies from

NEWS (2/March/09): The talk of the town is the news of a new Clue movie. Check out the Variety news article.

NEW (30/Jan/09): Kenneth's fan site: The Complete Clue Guide has been resurrected at a new web address. Added to the Links Page.

NEW (8/Jan/09): HAPPY NEW YEAR! Let's start the year rolling with this comprehensive article on the history of Cluedo from The Guardian (20/12/08) - a lot of the information came from - but there's loads of new, unearthed information in there that I didn't know. Have fun! Also for fun, check out the Portuguese Cluedo Trailer and the Italian Opening Credits [Thanks to Eamon & Chris for pointing them out].

NEW (23/Sep/08): Added The Clue Account to the Links Page as well as cleaning up dead/moved links.

NEW (19/Aug/08): The whole world seems to be buzzing about the new version of Cluedo - Cluedo: Reinvention aka Cluedo: Discover The Secrets (USA: Clue: Reinvention - this one has pictures) in which approximately half of the characters, weapons and rooms have been "modernised". Articles have already appeared in some papers (e.g. thelondonpaper) with more reporters looking for comments each day! I haven't got hold of a copy yet, but a really good review of the new version may be found here.
In other news: check out Vimto Cluedo for an online game and how to order their funky new version; also there is breaking news of Clue: Harry Potter Edition [Thanks to Macphile at The Art of Murder Forums].
Lastly, there's also a new PC computer game out: Clue: Classic.

NEW (10/Jun/08): NEWS: Ever wondered what Clue(do) would be like if it was updated to the modern day? Well, you're going to find out in Clue(do) Reinvention! New Rooms, New Weapons and New Key Features! [Thanks to Chris C. for the heads-up]

NEW (1/May/08): Depressing that the first update I've done to the website for so long is to have to remove the guestbook feature - both the old books (which were 10 years old anyway) and the current book (due to misuse). Sorry to those people who would like to use the guestbook for what it was designed to be; and sorry to those who used it for what it wasn't designed to be - but I'm sure you'll find a different route to get what you want, that won't result in me getting sued!
As for a "real" update - I still live in hopes that I'll find the time and energy needed some time soon (on the plus side, it's because good things are happening in my life that's keeping me away!) While I'm here though, I'll fill you in on the latest gossip: "Real Arcade is Beta testing a PC game Clue Classic. Which is a transliteration of the 2003 north American board game version." [Thanks Tank for the info]
And also there are rumours of a new Clue movie! Check out This Link [Thanks to Marty Fairgrieve].

NEW (24/Oct/07): The Shop is now open. Check out our designs for T-Shirts, Mugs, Caps, Bags and more! (More designs coming VERY soon!)

NEW (08/Sep/07): Happy Birthday to Cluedofan, Happy Birthday to Cluedofan, Happy Birthday dear Cluedofan, Happy Birthday to Cluedofaaaaaan! This website is 10 years old today. Wow, where did the time go? Alas, I was held hostage by an unknown person (but I've narrowed it down to six) and held at XXX-point in a certain room of a big house, thus preventing me from finishing the big update I had planned for today. Well, that's what I told Inspector Grey and I'm sticking to it! This site will get some changes soon (hopefully some big ones) so please keep sticking with me! A HUGE thanks to all those people who have been visiting this site over the last 10 years - it always amazes me when I look at the statistics for this site how people love Clue(do) in so many countries in ever corner of the globe. Anthony E. Pratt made a magical game back in the 40s that people still love and enjoy to this day. So, to celebrate's 10th anniversary, please get 5 friends around to your house, lift a certain game down off the shelf and have a few games! Hey, why not take a picture of it and send it to me and I'll put it on the website! [When life allows *ahem*]

NEW (11/Jun/07): Hi All! I'm back from spending most of the year so far touring a play around Italy; and am hoping to start some overdue updates soon. If you have any requests for what I should do first, then drop me a line. Also, if you see things missing from the Merchandise pages, please let me know - I already know I need to add Cluedo Vintage Bookshelf Edition (UK) / Library Clue Game Set (USA), Clue: Suspects (aka Cluedo: Brainteaser/Rätselfälle/Breinbreker) and the Clue: Confidential LCD game [Why hasn't that appeared in the shops yet?]. So keep an eye on the website as I hope to have new stuff soon. PLEASE NOTE: I have a HUGE backlog of emails to get through, so I'm very sorry if it takes me a while to get to yours.

NEW (25/Sep/06): Tidied up dead links on the Links and FAQ pages. Also added Cluedo Mysteries to the Shopping page. More updates coming soon!

NEW (19/Sep/06): "Watch your screens - There's going to be a murder". Play 'Cop Star' at from September 22nd.

NEW (19/Jul/06): Cluedo Mysteries (The Game) is now being sold by! Click here to view the listing [Americans click here].

NEW (03/Jul/06): UK Cluedo TV Series 1 updated with first transmission dates and links to IMDb for all actors.

NEW (29/Jun/06): David Mace has spotted Cluedo Mysteries (The Game) in Hull's Toys R Us! Apparently it looked like they had been put out early as there wasn't a labelled place on the shelf for them. The game cost him £24.99.

NEW (14/Jun/06): Cluedo Mysteries (The Game) is coming to the UK, Germany, Switzerland (German) as well as France! Further investigations by Jérôme Viot have found a British eBay seller selling the unreleased UK version of the game! He has also found that the game is going to be released in the other countries mentioned. See Cluedo Mysteries (The Game) for the UK news (as well as the original USA details) and Cluedopédie for the rest.

NEW (25/May/06): Several bits of news have made their way to us:
1) Jérôme Viot has found out from Hasbro France that Clue Mysteries (the game) is to be released in France in September! Could this mean that other countries will get it too? More details may be found over at Cluedopédie
2) ProfessorPlum54 on the The Art of Murder Forum has dug up information on the Clue Confidential Handheld Game. See here for more info.
3) Mickey has given me word that the Cluedo DVD Game has now been released in Australia.
4) Claire Carter from iFone has alerted us that you can now play Cluedo and Cluedo SFX on your mobile/cell phone! Cluedo SFX looks particularly cool! Follow those links for screenshots and info on how to purchase.

NEW (25/Apr/06): A couple of weeks ago, Shane Fowler suggested that the unidentified weapon in the patent may be a Shillelagh. Danny Boy Carter has seconded that suggestion and provided some interesting information to back up his suggestion.
The Links Page has been updated with Matthew Chapman's new site: Have you got a CLUEDO?
The Fan Art Page has been updated with the box cover and suspect cards of Gabriel Stings & his friends.

NEW (17/Apr/06): Clue DVD Game has been released in the USA! Get your copy from here! (Also available in the UK from here). [Thanks to Chris for letting me know]
Also, is your copy of Murder at Blackwell Grange / Murder at Body Manor gathering dust on your shelf? Despairing that you can no longer play it online? Fear not! You can play it at Kali. Instructions of how to use Kali and a gaming ladder may be found here. [Thanks to Mel and Rhonda]
I've also updated the Clue DVD Game section, Shopping Page and FAQ.

NEW (14/Mar/06): Was it Συνταγματάρχης Μουστάρδας with the Στιλέτο in the Θερμοκήπιο? Find out in the new Greek Cluedo page. International page also updated with all of the Greek information. [BIG thanks to Adrian Wright for all the information and pictures!]

NEW (18/Feb/06): The opening titles and animation for the first mystery of the Cluedo DVD Game have been added to the Advanced Boardgames section.

NEW (6/Feb/06): I just got official word that Cluedo: The Play (which was supposed to be opening today at the Mercury Theatre, Colchester and then doing a No. 1 UK tour) has indeed been postponed. They are hoping to still go ahead with the production this Autumn.
In the meantime, you can feed your Cluedo-related murder mystery needs by watching Pam Ferris (Mrs. White Series 3) in Rosemary & Thyme - Saturdays on ITV1.
I have also updated the FAQ with the oft asked question "How do I open the lock in Cluedo Chronicles: Fatal Illusion?" [Thanks to Lauren Smith for clarifying the solution!]

NEW (27/Jan/06): LAST CHANCE TO PLAY! At the end of January, will end the ability to play "Murder At Boddy Mansion" / "Murder At Blackwell Grange" on their website. See the FAQ on how to quickly play a game before it ends! I've also updated the oft asked question "Where can I play Cluedo / Clue online?" as no longer has the game.

NEW (07/Jan/06): HAPPY NEW YEAR! have announced that the Cluedo DVD Game game will be released in the U.S. in 2006! [Thanks to Depboy on The Art Of Murder Forums for the heads up]. Also, Australians and New Zealanders may be interested to know that when I put the UK DVD into my computer, it said it was encoded for Region 4 players as well as Region 2 (Europe) - so I "think" that the DVD will work in Region 4 players. Lastly, I'm pulling together a load of screen captures and more for the game to add to the site in the next few days - so come back soon!
NEW 2:
Rula Lenska (Mrs. Peacock Cluedo Series 2) is a member of this year's Celebrity Big Brother house! Check out Channel 4 and E4 for the next 3 weeks...
NEW 3: Kevin Elyot's new adaptation of Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None" ends its West End run on 14th January! I saw it last night and enjoyed it greatly. I thought the set and music were great - but wasn't a great fan of Vera or Wargrave. I also thought that the production lacked some of the suspense it could have had. I'd still recommend fans to check it out quickly though. Tickets start at £12.50.
NEW 4: Keir Shiels has noted that despite Cambridge Arts Theatre being on the list of venues for the Cluedo (The Play) Tour it isn't in their brochure or on their website. Hopefully this isn't a bad sign that the tour might not happen... I shall try to get more information...

NEW (21/Dec/05): Seasons Greetings! It's that time of year where Cluedo sales rocket - and thus the TV adverts have started playing again. The current commercial has been added to the site.

NEW (8/Dec/05): Check out all the details and pictures for the Cluedo DVD Game now added to the Advanced Boardgames section. The perfect gift for Christmas, Cluedo DVD Game has also been added to the Shopping section. Get it now from

NEW (14/Nov/05): Jérôme Viot has created the first ever French Cluedo website! Cluedopédie has been added to our Links section.

NEWS (11th/Nov/05): The Chicago Rocky Horror cast, "Midnight Madness", are doing a shadowcast presentation of the movie Clue at the Music Box Theatre on 11th, 12th, 18th and 19th November. This is a show like the "Sins O' The Flesh" cast in L.A. has done a couple of times in recent years. More info on their website:

NEW (3/Nov/05): A big thanks to Lee Walker for the heads up that the Cluedo DVD Game is now available at Argos - in their special Christmas supplement catalogue. I got mine at the weekend and am VERY impressed. A full review and pictures coming soon.
Also thanks to Peter Wheeler for alerting us to the release of the tour dates for Cluedo (The Play). These may be found here. Interestingly, the site says that there will be 6 different endings and that "In this Brand New version All the Characters have Consistent and Official "Cluedo Back-Stories" for the first time ever!"

NEW (14/Sep/05): At midnight on Friday 16th September 2005 Sins Of The Flesh present their annual "Clue" performance in the Rocky Horror style! It will be at the NuArt Theatre, 11272 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA. Last year Jonathan Lynn (Director) gave a talk and Colleen Camp (Yvette) is often there (see Michael's coverage of last year's over at The Art of Murder).
Also hot off the presses is that Christopher Biggins will be reprising his role of Reverend Green in a new production of Robert Duncan's stage adaptation of Cluedo. Another British stalwart actress - Liza Goddard will be taking on the mantle of Mrs. Peacock but the other roles are still to be announced (I'm desperately trying to get in it as Sergeant Rose...) The play will open at The Mercury Theatre, Colchester on 6th February 2006 before embarking on a 16 week national tour of the UK.

NEW (2/Sep/05): have updated their listing for Cluedo DVD Game. The word "Mystery" has been removed from the title, the price has gone down by 5 pence (ooOOoo!), the release date is now 30th September 2005 - and lastly, they have a new picture of the cover (click the image on the right to zoom in).
Pre-order your copy now!
While I'm doing an update (sorry they are so sporadic!) I have updated the Mrs. White page with Pam Ferris' year of birth [thanks to Noah Whitford] and made reference to her appearance in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" as well as Liz Smith's current appearance in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".
Lastly, I've added Noah's new Cluedo themed murder mystery Cluedo: Last Train from Paris to the Links section.

NEW (2/Aug/05): A new TV series has just started in the UK called "Watching The Detectives". Filmed at Arley Hall (the house used in the UK Cluedo TV series) it is a quiz show all about TV detective shows. It's on weekdays at 2:30pm on ITV1, for the next 2 weeks. [Thanks Alex.]

NEW (24/July/05): Lee Ving (Mr. Boddy) News: Lee is currently filming Sin-Jin Smyth - a new horror movie. Check out their website for more details. [Thanks to Ethan Dettenmaier & Lee Ving for telling us!]

NEW (20/June/05): What do you get when you mix Clue(do) with the Titanic? Murder Before Ice. Check out Matthew Chapman's new website.

HOT NEWS (27/May/05): Lee York just gave us the heads up on the release of the Cluedo DVD Mystery Game. According to Gameplay it will be realeased on 21st October 2005, sell for £39.99 and is described as "Directed game play based on the Cluedo characters which guides players through the mysteries on screen and comes complete with board and characters movers."
I found the image (see right) on a German website (click for larger view). have no mention of it yet, but have 6 other DVD games already released.
Lastly, have the game listed, but it currently can't be purchased.
NOTE: I cannot find any mention yet of the game being released in the USA/Canada. Also, if it is only released in Europe, you can't play it on a USA/Canada DVD player (USA & Canada are Region 1, Europe are Region 2) unless you have a player that can play multi-regions.

NEW (24/May/05): 1) Added the UK Cluedo TV Episode 3.3 Murder In Merrie England
2) I have split the four series from being one big page, into four sub pages, linked to from the UK Cluedo TV Series page. Check out the funky suspect cards at the top of Series 3 - I hope to do this for all the series. Actually, my aim is that one day every episode will have it's own page - I've started work on a layout and you'll probably see it in 2010!
3) Added a fab review of the NEW boardgame Clue Mysteries by visitor Simon Laflamme [HUGE Thanks!]
4) Added Clue Mysteries to the Shopping Page
5) Added to the Links page is Cluedo Portugal - Paulo Ferreira's Portuguese Cluedo fan site.

NEW (25/Apr/05): adds its support to Make Poverty History. Please click on the link and show your support - they aren't asking for your money, just your voice.
(If you are outside the UK, you can find your local campaign at

HOT NEWS (18/Apr/05): Clue Mysteries has been released in the US! Head over to and buy this funky looking new game! (It looks like a cross between Clue(do) and "Mysteries of Old Peking")
[Thanks to Nicky, Ryan Casey & Depboy for alerting us!]

NEW (17/Mar/05): 1) Polish Suspect Cards added [Thanks to Piotr Józefowicz]
2) UK location cards added to Top Cards: Cluedo The Card Game
3) Whodunnit images added.
4) The first Clue soap opera: An On-going Clue Internet Story added to Links.
5) Another Clue(do) league: Whodoneit League added to Links.
6) Shopping Page updated with lots of items. Go on - treat yourself to something!

HOT NEWS (03/Mar/05): Thanks to PrinceAzure33 and Jon Cam / ProfessorPlum54 for breaking the news that "Clue Mysteries Game" was seen at this year's Toy Fair and should be released in May. Full details on The Art of Murder Forums here.

NEW (02/Mar/05): One of the best UK Cluedo episodes has been added - 3.2 Scared To Death.
Also, if you have a spare £2,750.00 / 4,111.86 Euros, you can now buy Luxury Cluedo here [Thanks for the info Sammy]

NEW (14/Feb/05): Desperate to play Clue / Cluedo - but no-one to play it with? Well, why not join the Get A Clue League and battle it out on the version! {Also added to Links and FAQ pages.}

NEW (02/Feb/05): Jon Cam discovered this great article which linked to the original patent of Cluedo! I've created a Patent page highlighting the mosts intriguing facts. I've also updated the FAQ with this new information as well as answering several more questions which I have been asked recently. PLEASE read the FAQ before asking me a question!

NEW (27/Jan/05): As part of an early spring clean, I've split the Boardgames up so that each sub-section has it's own page. This should speed up the loading of the page and use less of my bandwidth. Similarly, this home page has been chopped down as a lot of it was just a repeat of the nav bar (the menus to the left of this page). I've removed the banner that advertised the International Page and the Links section has been moved to it's own page.

NEW (20/Dec/04): Some holiday presents for you all:
* Chris Nash (Lead Programmer) answers questions about Cluedo : Murder at Blackwell Grange (aka Clue : Murder at Boddy Mansion Computer Game) [Yes, it has taken me 1.5 years to add it!]
* Cluedo CDi, Cluedo : The Mysteries Continue CDi and Cluedo CD Rom all gain movie clips of the intros to their stories.
* Cluedo CD Rom also gains a new description.
* Damien Amouyel has given us clearer versions of Jérôme's French TV Series Images.
* Replaced the British Christmas Special Opening Titles clip with a Real Media version as it's 0.8 Meg instead of 3.3 Meg!
* Updated references to "bestforthega" to François Martin.

NEW (26/Nov/04): Christmas is coming and new TV adverts are appearing around the globe (spotted in the UK, USA, Canada and France). The French Cluedo and Super Cluedo Interactif (their name for SFX) TV Advert has been added to the Current Editions page [Thanks Damien]. I've also added Cluedo SFX to the Shopping page and a Cluedo SFX image to the Boardgames page.

NEW (16/Oct/04): French TV Guide updated with information thanks to Damien Amouyel & François Martin.
Fan Art gains Matthew Chapman's Clue Mater Detective Cards and Tamara Whyte & Friends Haloween Party.
International Page updated with New Zealand info thanks to Shani (IS YOUR COUNTRY THERE?)

NEW (16/Sept/04): HOORAY! The 10th Cluedo Murder Mystery "Deadly Ecipse" by Adam Seirafi is finally finished. Play this new mystery now! [Thanks Adam - sorry it took me SO long to edit!]

NEW (15/Sept/04): Hasbro have a new Official Clue Website! It has the most extensive "official" backgrounds ever given on the characters, especially Black / Boddy, Rusty's full name and occupation, and a nice link to Cluedo 2000 - it's just a shame they don't know the year in which WW1 started! [Thanks Jaime for the scoop]
Also, new Clue fan site Not Just A Game Any More has been added to the Links section.

NEW (03/Sept/04): Fixed a couple of bugs with the Pairs Game. Can you beat the 100 second barrier?

NEW (31/Aug/04): As this site costs me money to host, I have added a PayPal Donation button to the bottom of the nav bar (to the left of this page) incase any kind individuals would like to donate a little money towards the upkeep. [A HUGE thanks in advance to anyone who does!]

NEW (27/Aug/04): HOT NEWS! Sins O' The Flesh are doing a Clue Floor show on October 15th 2004 in L.A. Colleen Camp (Yvette) and Jonathan Lynn (Director & Writer) are scheduled to appear! Full details at the Sins O' The Flesh Website. (Anyone who does go, please take lots of photos and report back in fine detail!)

NEW (22/Aug/04): Rumour: TV Tome have got word from the BBC that they are planning to release the Cluedo TV Series on DVD! I know, it's strange the BBC are releasing ITV programmes, but apparently they are releasing other ITV shows as well like "Spitting Image". Note: This item has since been removed from TV Tome, so treat this as rumour for the moment. [HUGE thanks to Jimi for the heads up; and to John Q. Public for the confirmation].

NEW (30/June/04): News: Argos are selling Cluedo Super FX and the fab new Cluedo Nostalgia Edition for £29.99 and £24.99 respectively. [Thanks to Lee Walker and Terry for the heads up].
Also, added the question "What does the name 'Cluedo' mean?" to the FAQ [Thanks Adam Levbarg].

NEW (03/July/04): Clue "Johnny Lightning" Cars added to Misc Merchandise [Thanks Michael, Richards, Matt and Chad].
Clue Jr.: The Case of the Missing Sunglasses added to the Books section [Thanks Ryan].
Portuguese entries in the International section updated with info from Paulo.
NEWS: Cluedo FX has been released in the UK - currently I can only find it at Farscape Games [Thanks Pete].

NEW (13/June/04): Work starts on Season 3 of the UK Episode Guide, with all the info, pictures and video clip for 3.1 "A Hunting We Will Go".

NEW (03/June/04): News: Ryan Casey has spotted this interesting piece of info at "Hy Conrad is one of the most talented writers ever to make his presence felt in the mini- mystery genre. ... He is also developing a new Clue-based game comprised of fifty Clue mysteries for Hasbro." - I'm a big fan of Hy Conrad's as I used to read his mysteries on and have a couple of his books (see or so hopefully this should be good if it comes off.

NEW (01/June/04): News: Herbert tells us that Hasbro told him that Cluedo FX will be released in the UK in Autumn / Winter 2004. Also, watch out for a heavily made-up Pam Ferris (Mrs. White UK Series 3) as "Aunt Marge" in "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban". Lastly, I've finally bought a new digitizer - so new pictures and video clips of the TV series will be coming soon...

NEW (19/May/04): Current Editions page updated to include the UK Cluedo 2004 edition, along with "Sunday Express" review.
FAQ Updated with: Where can I play "Murder At Boddy Mansion" / "Murder At Blackwell Grange"? and Where can I play Cluedo / Clue online?
NOTE: is currently selling Clue: The Movie with 56% off! Only £6.97! has 18% off it at $12.29.

NEW (29/Apr/04): International section updates: All the Polish info provided by Piotr Józefowicz; a correction to the Japanese cards thanks to Dan; and the new USA house added.
Is all the info for your country listed? If not, please Contact Me (Note: Missing a lot of info for Norway).

NEW (04/Apr/04): Shopping section created to help you track down missing pieces in your Clue(do) collection.
Cluedo Junior - The Case of the Missing Chocolate Cake added to the Boardgames section.

NEW (10/Feb/04): NEWS: The finger crossing has worked! On 8th Feb. the "Sunday Express" ran a big article about the new [Original] Cluedo game that's just been released here (see below) and in it, it says that Cluedo FX will be released in the UK in May rrp. £30!

NEW (01/Feb/04): NEWS: Thanks to Lee Walker, "cageandaquarium" and Jérôme Viot for telling me that the standard Cluedo editions in the UK and France (and thus probably the rest of Europe) have been changed to the same style as Clue 2003 (with just the word Clue changed to Cluedo) !! I had an inkling this may happen as Clue 2003 merged some plot details from both sides of the pond (e.g. saying that Mr. Green was aka Reverend Green). Fingers firmly crossed that we get Clue FX next!

NEW (11/Jan/04): Links section gains Japanese Clue(do) and Clue/Cluedo.
The Simpsons Clue updated with info about a Tin Edition of the game (Thanks to Roger Wilson).
FAQ "Where can I get the detective notes for ... ?" updated and moved from Rules to Products.
FAQ "Does a turn immediately end upon entering a room via a Secret Passage?" added.

NEW (18/12/03): Details for Top Cards: Cluedo The Card Game (the British version of "Mystery Beyond the Mansion") added.

NEW (17/12/03): Released cover for More Clue Mysteries added (thanks Sammy) and FAQ updated with the question: "Where is the house shown in Clue: The Movie?"

NEW (06/12/03): FAQ updated with the questions: "Where can I get a copy of the Cluedo TV Show / Will you copy your Cluedo videos for me?", "What happened to the other Clue Chronicles / Cluedo Chronicles after Fatal Illusion?" and "Where can I find a walkthrough for Fatal Illusion?".
Due to emails getting lost amongst the huge pile of junk mail I get every day (several hundred a day!) I've created a contact form to try and avoid missing your messages.

NEW (23/10/03): Clue FX is now available from / Toys R Us (listed as Delux Clue, but click here to go directly to it). Raymond Smith provides us with a review and pictures in the Boardgames section. Thanks also to Michael, Andrew and anyone else who alerted me to the game's release. Non-US people can order the game from Entertainment Earth.
ALSO, More Clue(do) Mysteries has also been released and is available from both and
Lastly, the British edition of Cluedo The Card Game: "Mystery Beyond the Mansion" with different locations to the US edition, is now available. I picked up a copy from Playing Games in London.

NEW (01/10/03): HOT NEWS!!! As well as the Region 2 (Europe, Middle East & Japan) Clue: The Movie DVD being release on November 3rd; Jason Ross tells me that it is coming to Region 4 (Australia & New Zealand) on November 13th!
[Clue was discontinued on PAL VHS YEARS ago (though can still be bought on North America's NTSC VHS); and the DVD was released on Region 1 (US & Canada) DVD in 2000; so it's taken THREE YEARS to make it onto Region 2 & 4. are taking Pre-orders now for the Region 2, November 3rd release.]

NEW (09/09/03): Fantastic new website "The Art of Murder" - which has info on almost every piece of Clue and Cluedo merchandise - has been added to the links section. While there, I've also organised the links into sections.

NEW (08/09/03): Two real treats today - on's 6th Birthday!:
Damien Amouyel provides us with SEVEN movie clips from the French Cluedo TV show;
while thanks to Sammy Gresham the International Page has been updated with the Brazilian Detetive information and the Brazilian Detetive Cards Page appears with pictures of all the cards (notice how the characters are the 1996 US / 50th Anniv. Ed. cards, recoloured to fit the alternative colours!)

NEW (17/08/03): Tuukka Nieminen and Todd Neller provide with a host of information about the Post-1996 editions of Finnish Cluedo. The International Page has been updated with the new suspects, weapons and locations; and the Finnish Cluedo Cards Page appears with pictures of the suspects and a Finnish - English notepad available for download.
Also, MasterSlueth spotted that the magazine What's On TV are asking for ideas for repeating shows! Why not request Cluedo by emailing: wotv_postbag@ipcmedia.comor writing to: What's On TV, 10th Floor, King's Reach Tower, Stamford Street, London SE1 9LS

NEW (10/08/03): AOL friends: AOL has currently banned emails from - so for the last few weeks any emails I have sent to people at AOL addresses, have not been delivered. I currently have my hosts trying to lift the ban - but apologies if you have been expecting emails from me and have heard nothing - I have been trying!
Also, I have just come back from a two week summer school and hope to start the website updates soon.

NEW (12/07/03): HOT NEWS!!! Clue: The Movie is to be released on Region 2 (Europe, Middle East & Japan) DVD!!! Clue was discontinued on PAL VHS YEARS ago (though can still be bought on NTSC VHS); and the DVD was released on Region 1 (US & Canada) DVD in 2000 and it's taken THREE YEARS to make it onto Region 2. are taking Pre-orders now for its November 3rd release. [Thanks to Neil Crawford for alerting us!]

NEW (09/07/03): Damien Amouyel gives us more information for the French TV Guide including a fourth episode and details about the presenters and Inspector Truffle.

NEW (03/07/03): HELP WANTED: "The characters in a certain board game are named Caddaver, Ciruela, Verde, Mostaza, Blanco, Escarlata and Pavorreal. Which country were those characters created for? (any other where they were subsequently marketed is not acceptable)" - my guess is Mexico, but I don't know for sure. If you know - please Contact Me

NEW (23/06/03): A quick announcement that Once Upon a Crime is currently accepting votes for the "Arlington Awards" - vote for your favourite characters / actors from the board games, computer games and movie.

NEW (19/06/03): After a LONG wait - the ninth Cluedo Murder Mystery is now available! Read "Still Life" now and try to solve the murder of Sebastian Gold! Congrats to Terrance Edwards for another great mystery! (Sorry it took me so long to edit!)

NEW (09/06/03): Hot News: A new game is to be released in the US in October called "Clue FX". This new game makes use of sound clips and a narrator (Mr. Ash - The Butler) to add an extra dimension to the mystery. For more details, pictures and to pre-order (they ship internationally!), click here (Thanks to Matt Galucy for the heads-up!)
UK News: Cluedo can now be played on Sky Digital! Details of the game and a movie clip example can be found here (Thanks Michael!)

NEW (10/05/03): Hot News: Cluedo Mysteries has now been released in the UK. My copy from arrived yesterday morning. Non-UK people can order Clue Mysteries here.

NEW (05/05/03): UK Series 2 guide is finally completed today, with the addition of details for 2.6 "The Bolivian Connection". Packed with info, pictures and a video clip!

NEW (02/05/03): A very French update today: Jérôme Viot provides us with a host of images for the French TV Series in the TV Media Page; and Damien Amouyel gives us some info for a third epsiosed in the French TV Guide. Thanks go to both.
{BTW, such a bargain I thought I had to tell people: has 40% (50% at!) off on pre-orders of Harry Potter 5 books! Bargain!}

NEW (22/04/03): Huge thanks to Damian Griffin, we now have a proper Australian TV Series Guide; full with details of each episode, who was in it and what weapons were suspected.
Vicki Cameron also provides us with the table of contents for both her new books: Clue Mysteries and More Clue Mysteries. Details for obtaining the books can be found in those sections.

NEW (5/04/03): The first of many updates to catch up on my backlog. Thanks to everyone who has sent me info - I will hopefully add your content to the site soon. For today, we have exciting news about the release of Clue Mysteries and Clue 1949 First Edition. Follow the two links for details and how to buy them. Thanks to Vicki, Jon, Martha and Chad Roat for the info.
I've also updated the info for More Clue Mysteries.

NEW (15/02/03): Rev. Green page updated with links to Amazon products.
Search page created so you can search this site and the internet.
International page gains French location Manoir Le Hibou for 2000 (see note 9) thanks to Stephane Calabrese
News is through of a new Cluedo Card Game.

NEW (10/02/03): Geoffrey Parker Games sends through info on their Luxury Cluedo / Clue game.
Joe's website had renamed to Clue: The VCR Games.
And apologies to Sammy Long for getting his surname wrong.

NEW (08/02/03): Lewdo? and Why added to the related merchandise (thanks Marty and Sammy).
UK residents may be interested in this Cluedo - The Play Annoucement from Keir.
Samantha's "Clue Fan Fiction" website has had a makeover and is now Once Upon a Crime - check it out.

NEW (26/01/03): Mrs. White page updated with links to Amazon products.
Cluedo On The Phone added to Miscellaneous Merchandise (Thanks Louise).
Clue Little Detective Color Matching Mystery Game gains a description by Sammy Gresham
Cluedo - The Play gains a new picture of the complete centre pages of the programme (Thanks Marty Fairgrieve)
CLUE-LESS: The Clue Christmas Musical added with info from Joshua Dorsheimer.

NEW (23/01/03): Sammy Gresham provides us with LOTS of pictures of the new US game! Check them out here.
Also, Keir Shiels tells me the following cool info:
"Saw Christopher Biggins the other day and mentioned the petition, which he was interested in signing. He really loved doing Cluedo."

NEW (20/01/03): Michael Akers comes through with a picture of the cover of the new US game! Check it out here.

NEW (19/01/03): US Residents: Hot news just in from Michael Akers is that there is a new standard version of Clue available in the USA! Details so far (watch this space for more) are here. A big THANKS to Michael!

NEW (16/01/03): Miss Scarlett page updated with links to Amazon products. Also, UK Residents: hurry and sign the Petition!

NEW (12/01/03): UK Residents: If you'd like to see the Cluedo TV Series again (new and / or old) PLEASE sign the Petition as I will be sending it off soon.
Also, added contacts link to the menu bar.

NEW (05/01/03): LOTS of pictures added to Cluedo - The Play : Peter Wheeler provides us with 17 pics of the first ever production, early productions and the script. Marty Fairgrieve sends us 8 scans of the professional Glasgow programme. HUGE thanks to both!

NEW (04/01/03): Just a quick note today: the Clue Fan Fiction website has a fab Clue(do) personality test. Check it out! I was Mustard.

NEW (01/01/03): HAPPY NEW YEAR! Vladimir Sterle provides us with the Croatian cards for the International Page and the new Croatian Page. Thanks go to him. Is your country in the list? If not, please Contact Me

NEW (19/12/02): URGENT! If you live in the UK - watch "I Love Toys" (by the people who did "I Love the 70s" etc.) on BBC2 THIS Saturday (21st Dec) at 9:05pm. Cluedo is on there and I "think" there's going to be clips from the show and an interview with Josef Kollar (Cluedo International Champion) and possibly some of the cast!

NEW (15/12/02): Hooray! The last of the suspect pages is done! Take a look at the Professor Plum page.

NEW (08/12/02): Associates page created, Joshua's Fan Art changed due to a typo and Misc. Merchandise gets new text for the Lego Minifigs and Clue: The Movie Piano Sheet Music added.
[Thanks to Michael Akers, Adam Seirafi, Michael Ozlawiz, Daniel Cogburn and wag.footsteps]

NEW (01/12/02): All of the updates today are a testament to the fantastic contributaions I get from people from all over the world:
Peter Wheeler (UK) gives the site A Brief History Of Cluedo (The Play) and Trivia about the play.
Alan Cornforth (UK) provides us with some great "What's On TV" Press Clippings for Series 3 & 4.
Steve Luethi (Switzerland) clarifies the Swiss games for the International Page.
Joshua Dorsheimer, Ian Janosko & The Thiel Players (US) start our new Fan Art section, with some great pictures!
HUGE thanks go to all. Without everyone's help, this site wouldn't be anywhere near as rich with content as it has become. If you have information to provide, please Contact Me

NEW (17/11/02): Thanks to Elaine, Oliver Matley and Leo Parkes the UK Guide now has details of Episode 1.6! Also, all TV clips are now available in the TV Media Page.

NEW (14/11/02): Updated the Entertainment, FAQ and Movie Media pages with links to where you can buy the movie. Added the question "How can I have a Cluedo / Clue themed party?" to the FAQ.

NEW (05/11/02): Mrs. Peacock page is updated with links to and

NEW (29/10/02): New TV clip! The TV Media Guide now contains a Real Media movie of the German show's intro. The guide has also been updated with image captures from the show.

NEW (20/10/02): Lots of updates today: The Boardgames page has become so big that I've given it an overhaul and now everything is categorised. The page has also gained entries for Braille Cluedo, Travel Cluedo 2002 and Clue Little Detective Color Matching Mystery Game. The description of Travel Cluedo 1997 has been re-written and Disney Haunted Mansion Clue gains a huge article written by Tim McKenny including a new picture and details on how to get hold of a copy! HUGE thanks to Tim for those.
But that's not all in this update, the guestbook has been changed to hide people's e-mail addresses - if you want to contact someone then please send an e-mail to me and I will forward it to the relevant person.
More details are added to Cluedo - The Play from Lee Walker (Thanks go to him).

NEW (13/10/02): IMPORTANT NOTE: I've been told by Adam that the Clue Lego minifigs (see below) may not actually be official Clue characters - rather that someone has pulled together minifigs from different sets to make this set. For example, Mustard and Green are from the Egyptian excavation Lego set and the rope is a jungle vine from the Amazon Jungle Lego set.

NEW (08/10/02): Two cool merchandise additions today, thanks to Peter Wheeler and Michael Akers: Cluedo - The Play and Clue Lego Minifigs! Also updated the link to the Clue The Musical midi files.

NEW (29/09/02): are currently asking people to send e-mails with ideas for future releases. Why not send them an e-mail asking for the Cluedo TV series and if we're lucky we may see our six best friends on DVD/VHS! Note: They apologise that they cannot reply to all e-mails, but will note your suggestion. (Thanks MasterSlueth).
Also in this update: the actors in French TV Guide gain their IMDB entries and the Movie Page music section gains a note about 'Sh-Boom'. (Thanks David for the latter).

NEW (17/09/02): Ginger Meggs Cluedo Cartoon Strip added to the Miscellaneous section (Thanks to James Kemsley).
Finnish and Australian entries in the International Page updated with new info (Thanks to Henrik Nylund and James Kemsley). German TV Press Clippings updated with clips of listings (Thanks to Thomas Rau).

NEW (10/09/02): Just a note to say that I'm now back from the US - armed with D & D, Mystery Beyond The Mansion and Disney Haunted Mansion Clues! Updates coming as soon as the jet-lag wears off, with those plus lots more such as: German TV Clips and Clippings, new British Clippings, the missing episode (UK 1.6!), the 9th Mystery, Plum's page, merchandise updates, whole new sections and more!

NEW (25/08/02): Michael Akers spotted this Cluedo Geocashing mystery where you have to find locations in the UK to solve Dr. Black's murder. Sounds very cool - though they're coming to the end of this mystery. Hopefully they'll do it again. Let me know if anyone tries this and how you find it! IMPORTANT NOTE: I'm going on Holiday tonight, for two weeks - so will not be able to reply to any emails until after I return.

NEW (24/08/02): The Boardgames page gets several updates: Nostalgia Clue, Clue / Parcheesi, images for the UK version of Simpsons Cluedo and info and picture of Simpsons Second Edition. Thanks to Andrew N. (from St. Louis, Missouri), Bob Cook, Jon Cam and Jaime Martinez for their contributions. Also, Zandra spotted that Will Nye was incorrectly credited as the Chief in the Movie Guide, whereas it should have been Howard Hesseman. Thanks go to her.

NEW (10/08/02): Thanks to the huge amount of information provided by Thomas Rau, we now have a German Episode Guide! Take a read through the characters, rooms, weapons, episode titles and descriptions. Images coming soon. Thanks to Paul Benfield and Babel Fish for help with the translations. Also in this update is a fix for IE6 in the DHTML above and the TV Series menu items have been split into TV Guides and TV Media.

NEW (08/08/02): With perfect timing, the website mentioned in point 1 below, has closed! Basically, the page was for a former employee of EAI games; who worked on MABG/MABM and Fatal Illusion. The article described Hasbro Interactive as "the late hasbro interactive" (meaning that hasbro interactive does not function any more) and how EAI decided that games were "not part of their core business". It explains what happened to those other two games that we were hoping for! :o(

NEW (05/08/02): Thomas Rau has sent through PILES of information on Cluedo Das Mörderspiel (the German TV series). The first of many updates starts with the German Press Clippings page. ENORMOUS thanks go to Thomas! Also, THREE lots of news to tell you:
1) Wondering what happened to the 2nd and 3rd "Chronicles" games? This Article (link removed - see above) may explain why they never reached us.
2) Nostalgia Edition Clue will be arriving in the US shortly. Preview it here. (Thanks to Jaime Martinez)
3) A new Clue slot machine will also be arriving in the US shortly. Preview that here. (Thanks to Michael Akers)

NEW (28/07/02): Chilean Quien Cards page created and entries added to the International section (HUGE thanks to Adam Seirafi). Is your country missing? Then please Contact Me with the card list.

NEW (24/07/02): Today's quick update is news and pictures of Disney Haunted Mansion Clue (Thanks to Jon Cam).

NEW (18/07/02): Foul Play is back! Well almost. Ryan is busy putting the site back together (which includes pictures of all the different boards, notepads, Fatal Illusion guides and pics, jigsaws and more!) at the site's new location. Follow the link and check out the new design.

NEW (13/07/02): Sara from Memphis has kindly provided with the remaining installation posters for MABG / MABM and Aaron Eyre provides the list of cards for Mystery Beyond the Mansion. HUGE thanks to both.

NEW (30/06/02): Leo Parkes spotted this fantastic Cluedo Series 3 Trailer (scroll down to almost the bottom). Radio Times Dick Emery Cluedo Cover has been added to Miscellaneous page. Also fixed a couple of broken links. If you live in the UK - please sign the Petition to get Cluedo back on our screens.

NEW (15/06/02): Press Clippings page created, containing previews and inserts from the Radio Times for the UK TV series!

NEW (12/06/02): Link to Other Rules updated. Better updates on their way soon...

NEW (03/06/02): The Miscellaneous merchandise page is updated with the Cluedo Keyring and an amendment to Clue Keychain (Thanks to Louise and Damian respectively).
An APPEAL to visitors from different countries. I know that I get visitors from countries such as Iceland, Poland, Estonia, Singapore and the Philippines (to name but a few). If you are from a country that does not have an entry in the International section - PLEASE can you Contact Me with the info for you country. Thanks.

NEW (27/05/02): News: Reports have reached us that Disney are teaming up with Hasbro to create some toys and games that will only be available at Walt Disney World. One of these games is supposed to be a new version of Clue based on the "Haunted Mansion" attraction. For the full story, click here. Thanks to Barbara LaRosa for the info :o)

NEW (19/05/02): Hooray! It's taken months, but the Reverend Green page is finally here!

NEW (4/05/02): The boardgames page gains Cluedo 50th Anniversary International Travel Edition and Clue: The Movie Guide gains a link to the "Sh-boom" song and IMDb links for the cast (did you know Yvette was Sgt. Kirkland in the Police Academy movies, Mrs. Ho was in M*A*S*H and The Motorist is co-executive producer of Ally McBeal!)

NEW (28/04/02): A few merchandise updates today with Clue : The Novel (Thanks Matt Galucy) and Cluedo Commodore 64 (Thanks Andrew Williams).
Also, Ryan C. was told by Borders Bookstore that Clue Mysteries will not be released until January 2003 (if anyone's managed to get hold of a copy, please Contact Me) and told by Hasbro that the new Master Detective game will not be released in the UK! (Fingers crossed they change their minds!)

NEW (14/04/02): The Fourth Ending to Clue: The Movie is revealed by Michael Akers (Thanks Michael!) and More Cluedo Mysteries is added to the books page.
Also, US citizens who would like Mystery Beyond the Mansion can order it by ringing Winning Moves on 1-800-578-2468 (Thanks Jon Cam).
Lastly, I've added a News Archive link above, which lists all the old news through to January 1999.

NEW (08/04/02): HOT: A new card game has been spotted in Canada (though will probably reach the US). Check out the Jigsaws & Card Games page to see "Mystery Beyond the Mansion"! (Thanks to Michael and Eric!)
Also: The International page gains the suspect, weapon and room names for Denmark! (Thanks to Merete!)

NEW (31/03/02): HAPPY EASTER!! Welcome back to Leo Parkes who gave up the site for Lent! Today's update includes the MABG installation posters for the UK and US (other countries coming soon) and a Real Media version of the intro to the same game.

NEW (25/03/02): NOTICE: Simpsons Cluedo has been released in the UK! Find a copy at your local Toys R Us (it's not on their website yet). The cover is similar to the US version, but slightly altered with the new Cluedo logo and a blue border. In the photo on the back cover, the text on the cards has been blurred, implying that it will probably be released in non-English speaking countries as well! Thanks to Bob Cook for the info!

NEW (22/03/02): The Computer Games page overhaul continues with Cluedo CDi gaining a TV advert from the "Big Breakfast" show; and MABG/MABM gets a new description and an Avi from the game.
The link to the Clue Fan Fiction website has been updated.
The 8th Murder Mystery: The Magpie Trap at has now had it's final chapter published - so click the link and have fun solving the mystery!
The International page gains the post 1996 name of the victim in Spain (Thanks Marty!)

NEW (10/03/02): An overhaul of the Computer Games page begins today with Cluedo Master Detective Computer Game being completely reworked with new images and a link to where you can download the game; and Fatal Illusion gaining a Real Media clip of the game's intro.
The Miscellaneous Merchandise page also gains Cluedo Christmas Crackers! Thanks to Bob Cook and Louise for telling me to go to the shops!

NEW (26/02/02): The Miscellaneous Merchandise page gains three new items: Clue Christmas Ornament 2, Eagle's Eye Sweater and Jack in the Box Magnifying glass. Thanks to Jon Cam for all three.

NEW (17/02/02): TV Series Colonel Mustard page is finally created. Compare the different actors to play the role, look at the pictures, go to their IMDB entries or view the NEW video clip from the Christmas special!

NEW (10/02/02): URGENT!!! News in from Granada TV that a clip from the Cluedo TV series will be shown TONIGHT (Sunday 10th Feb.) at 6:30pm on the ITV2 programme "Soap Fever" (Repeated Monday at 5pm). DON'T MISS IT!
(Will won Pop Idol! Yay!)

NEW (8/02/02): The Online Deduction Game and other DHTML on the site is now Netscape 6.2 compatible.

NEW (5/02/02): Several merchandise updates: Cluedo Mysteries added to Books (Thanks Louise), Travel Clue added to Boardgames (Thanks Nancy) and an extra image added to Clue Keychain in Misc (Thanks Louise).
Also, I have added an Others link in the list of rules.

NEW (22/01/02): Some small updates today - just tidying up some pages - but bigger updates coming soon. Don't forget to keep following The Magpie Trap as the story unravels at (details below).

NEW (9/01/02): IT'S LIVE!! After 10 months of hard work by a team of 20/30 people; the first instalment of the EIGHTH Cluedo Murder Mystery has been released!
This is a special mystery, made in conjunction with, has all you favourite Cluedo and Clue characters walking around a 3D house, through two floors of rooms, with lots of furniture and clue objects to interact with.
To see everything in its full 3D glory, you will need the game The Sims; but those who do not have the game can still solve the mystery and appreciate the fantastic screen captures.
The full mystery will be released in parts, with a new part every 2/3 days. Read the story, examine the clues and have fun solving The Magpie Trap at

NEW (5/01/02): HOT NEWS! Jérôme Viot has supplied with scans and info on the new version of Master Detective which has just been released in France. Check out the link for the details. Also, thanks to Rohit De for telling me that Indian Cluedo is the same as the UK version. I have updated the International Page accordingly.

NEW (4/01/02): I've managed to find out some of the details for the Danish and Norwegian versions of Cluedo and have added them to the International Page. If anyone can fill in the gaps, tell me the weapons or rooms, or even send me scans of the cards; then please Contact Me.
Also, if anyone knows the details of any international version of the game that is not listed, then PLEASE send me the details. I know I get visitors from India, Greece, Croatia, Denmark, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Cyprus, Malaysia, Malta, Dominican Republic, Hungary, Poland, Israel, Ireland and many more that I need. PLEASE E-MAIL ME!

NEW (3/01/02): UK TV Series Guide update continues with info and pics for Episode 2.5 "A Traveller's Tale".

NEW (2/01/02): Happy New Year! After a Christmas break, I'm back and with lots of fab things to show you. Over the next couple of days I will be posting pictures of the NEW Master Detective game (thanks to Jérôme), Cluedo Christmas Crackers, Episode 2.5, The Special Mystery and lots more!
For today, I shall just leave you with 2 small thumbnails (left and right) to tantalise you, tell everyone doing the 'Bechtel' quiz that I think the answer you want is Hampshire and lastly update the Clue Fan Fiction link comment.

NEW (16/12/01): I finally managed to catch the new Cluedo Boardgame TV advert on video - so you can now see an Mpeg of it in the UK Cluedo 2000 section.

NEW (9/12/01): HOT NEWS! A new version of Master Detective has just been released in France, meaning that it could arrive in Britain shortly! Check out the Master Detective section for the news. As always, will keep you informed of the latest news on this as soon as we get it. Thanks to Jérôme Viot for this info.

NEW (27/11/01): UK TV Series Guide update continues with LOTS of info and pics for Episode 2.4 "Charity Begins At Home".

NEW (25/11/01): A fairly hefty update today. The International Page has Brazilian entries added, Pre 1996 Spanish cards re-organised and Pre 1996 Spanish Cards page created.
The Merchanise Guide has now been split up into 7 sections (see nav bar left or section below) and while doing that I have given new descriptions for Dungeaon & Dragons Clue, Fatal Illusion and Kill Dr. Lucky; and new pictures for Fatal Illusion, Detetive (Original Cluedo) and the Clue Movie Storybook. Lastly, I've tidied up some links to external sites which are no longer valid / have changed.

NEW (21/11/01): Polish those memory skills or just have fun during your tea break, with the new Cluedo Pairs Game. Are you fast enough to get into the top ten?

NEW (13/11/01): UK TV Series Guide update continues with LOTS of info and pics for Episode 2.3 "Fatal Distraction".

NEW (12/11/01): Murder & Magic: Cluedo & Clue finally get's its own domain at! Hopefully this site will be a lot more reliable and will have more room to grow and gain some fancy new features! Please update you favorites / bookmarks NOW!

NEW (28/10/01): UK TV Series Guide update continues with LOTS of info and pics for Episode 2.2 "A Deadly Deal".

NEW (18/10/01): LOTS of info and pics for Episode 2.1 "The Best Insurance" added to the UK TV Series Guide - including new "Click for Solution" functionality (Say "ooOOoo!").

NEW (14/10/01): By popular request, I have added a petition to try and get the Cluedo TV Series back on UK television. Please only sign this petition is you are a resident of the UK and please give accurate details. Be assured that this information will not be used by me for any other purpose than to petition TV stations.
Also in today's update I correct some hideous spelling and grammatical errors in the Mrs. Peacock, Miss Scarlett and Mrs. White pages.

NEW (12/10/01): Slovenian Cards page created and the International Page is updated with the correct accents for the Slovenian words (see note 5 on the international page) with thanks to Andrej Matjasic.

Also in today's update, the International Page receives the Slovenian card names thanks to Andrej Matjasic; and I tidy up a few bad links. NEW (16/9/01): A year after the last mystery (oh dear...) the 7th Cluedo Murder Mystery is finally here! Death on the Cards is the first mystery not to be written by me, but by Terrance Edwards; and is the first set in Mrs. Peacock's home of Arlington Grange.
Fear not, you will not have to wait a year for the next mystery though as there are THREE coming soon (2 by me and 1 more from Terrance) - one of which will be a bit different to usual...

NEW (9/9/01): It's the day after Murder & Magic: Cluedo & Clue's FOURTH birthday and we also reached 50,000 hits a couple of weeks ago! Today I tick two more things off the TO DO list: The International and the Czech Republic Cards pages are updated with the correct accents for the Czech words (see note 5 on the international page) with thanks to Petr Cupal. Also, I've created some Cluedo themed mouse Cursors (Windows only) in the newly created FUN section.

NEW (25/8/01): Tudor Close has moved location to Link updated.

NEW (12/8/01): Working my way through the ever growing TO DO list - Merchandise Guide receives the new Cluedo Junior Detective game; and the rules section gets both the Jr. Detective and Junior Cluedo rules.

NEW (31/7/01): Today I start working on a long backlog of updates for the site. The Miss Scarlett page finally appears and episode 1.3 in the UK Guide gets a classic quote and a fistful of images. Also, I have replaced the guestbook with a new version from Dreambook due to yahoo's guestbook cutting people off.

NEW (5/7/01): Clue: The Great Museum Caper Rules added and Merchandise Guide updated with Cluedo Model T Van, list of Clue For Kids Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles and an image for the French TV series.

NEW (28/6/01): A huge loss today, Joan Sims (Mrs. White in the Christmas Special and the CDRom/CDi games) died today at the age of 71. For more information see this BBC report. In other news, the Miss Scarlett section is coming soon, as is the Wadworth Clip Vote result; and FOUR murder mysteries are in the pipelines!

NEW (5/6/01): The second of the TV character guides appears today, comparing all of the actresses who have played Mrs. Peacock. Who's best? Stephanie Beacham, Kate O'Mara, Rula Lenska, Susan George or Joanna Lumley?

NEW (21/5/01): Merchandise Guide updated with the new Dungeons & Dragons Clue game, Cluedo Super Sleuth Fruit Machine and a picture for the "Pub Quiz" game. The International Section gains the name of the Italian house where Dottor Black was killed. The link to has been removed due to the site being down for months and is now replaced with a link to Hasbro.

NEW (15/5/01): The International Section gains Pre-1996 Italian cards, so we finally find out what the characters were called be some stupid person decide to give the italian suspects english names! Big thanks to Stefano Orlando for the info and the pics!

NEW (11/5/01): A new section of the site begins today, the TV Characters section, where I compare each of the actors/actresses who have played our heros; rating them on look, character, ham and psychoticness! Mrs. White starts us off. Also, the merchandise guide gets the "Harry Potter Mystery at Hogwarts Game" and headings for each of the sections.

NEW (16/4/01): I've finally formatted the UK episode guide! I'm working my way through the episodes, adding lots of images and sound clips (and even a couple of movie files) to the guide. Go and check it out now - even if you've never seen the programme! I've also tidied up the TV media section, adding in the sounds from the guide.

NEW (10/4/01): The International Section gains Chinese Cantonese cards (Thanks to Marty!) and Clue Jr. Pirate Treasure Hunt is added to the Merchandise Section.

NEW (2/4/01): The updates continue - The candidates for The Last Movie Vote (Wadsworth) are now up. Argentina is added to the International section and Cluedo: Leeds Centenary Edition added to the Merchandise section (Thanks David).
Lots more coming in the next few days...

NEW (16/4/01 Again!): Bah! I've just discovered that YahooGeocities changed their guestbook system - meaning that the "Sign" link didn't work. I've now migrated to the new system, so you can now add a comment if you want to.

NEW (1/4/01): I'M BACK!! Apologies for the lack of updates; but I'm now back - with a HUGE list of updates to do over the next few days - so keep coming back! For today, I've finally put up the results for the last lot of Clip Votes so as to not keep you waiting any longer. I will be putting the choices for the next lot up tomorrow (psst! The movie vote will be for the best Wadsworth clips!) Also for now, I've added a little surprise for anyone who bookmarks this page in Internet Explorer (though I'm a Netscape man...) and a link to the fab new - which is the first website where you can play Clue(do) online (at last!) See you all tomorrow :o)
NEW (11/2/01): Huge apologies for the lack of updates. I'm currently swamped directing and producing a production of Agatha Christie's "And Then There Were None" which will be on at the end of March. Normal service will resume here as soon as that is out of the way. PLEASE NOTE: The forms on clip vote (and possibly at the end of the mysteries) are playing up. I am in contact with Yahoo Geocities to find out what's going wrong. If you have any feed back, please contact me (Thanks to Damian for letting me know). I've also updated the link to Foul Play.
NEW (20/1/01): Merchandise Page updated with Clue Junior Travel Game and Clue Bi-Plane. A BIG thanks to Marty and Harrison for those :o)
NEW (9/1/01): HAPPY NEW YEAR! The International Section gets another update, this time with the Spanish character cards thanks to Marty Fairgrieve (Chinese Cantonese coming soon...) The new Frequently Asked Questions section has been added. And the current Clip Vote gets an extension till the end of January as (A) I'm insanely busy and (B) to allow more people to vote - sorry!
NEW (19/12/00): The International Section gets another update, this time with the Swedish character cards. Thanks to Joe Gardner of Clue: A Computer Game & A VCR Game and Carl Sameulsson of Globetrotter Games for those. Also, a link to has been added.
NEW (13/12/00): Thanks to Michael of the International Section now contains info for the Czech Republic game - as well as images of the suspect cards. Also in this update, The Merchandise Page gets info for Passport to Murder and Clue Jr. Books.
NEW (11/12/00): Ever fancied hosting your own Murder Mystery Party - but didn't know where to start? Then head over to for downloadable party mysteries and party tips. The site also contains an EXTENSIVE range of Clue/Cluedo items that the site owner is selling off - check it out.
NEW (3/12/00): November's Clips of the month put up and December's votes are for Mr. Green movie clips and the UK Christmas Special (yes again - it IS Christmas. These are different votes to last time anyway!) Also, the Merchandise Page has gained Clue For Kids Mystery Puzzles, a mouse mat and tissues! (Thanks to Marty Fairgrieve for the latter two!)
Coming Soon: Keep your fingers crossed for Czech, Spanish and Chinese cards (if I can twist Michael and Marty's arms :o) ) , more items for the merchandise page, some hot gossip for Canadians and it's about time I wrote a 7th mystery...
NEW (19/11/00): Movie Guide updated with RARE Press Pictures (HUGE Thanks to Ryan of Foul Play) and the Passport to Murder page has been updated with UK names and a link to where you can buy it! (Thanks to Greg Molin for the link!) NEW (16/9/00): THE SIXTH MURDER MYSTERY IS HERE!!! It took me long enough, but it's finally here! I've also added links to Foul Play and The Expert Cluedo / Clue system. NEW (6/11/00): International page updated with Japanese cards - which has wonderful weapons such as the Shoes and the Iron! Merchandise page updated with related merchandise including Case Closed, Whodunnit, Who Killed Dr. Lucky and Foul Play.
NEW (24/9/00): HOT NEWS!! A new version of Original Cluedo has been released in the UK; and in France "Passport pour Meurtre" has been released! Check out the info now! (Big thanks to Jérôme Viot for the info on the latter). Also, a link to Clue Fan Fiction has been added.
NEW (1/11/00): September/October's clips finally put up and your chance to vote for the movie Prof. Plum clips and the Australian TV show clips. More updates coming very soon...
NEW (15/10/00): I've just come back from London, after meeting up with Jaime from The World of Clue - but now have the flu :o( On the bright side though - I got "Passport for Murder" ! Pictures in English (and the Sept/Oct clip!) coming soon. For now, enjoy the new intro on Foul Play and the new webring bar at the bottom of this page.
NEW (09/10/00): APOLOGIES all who are waiting for the results to September's clip of the month. I'm currently SO busy I don't even have the time to eat; hence there will be a slight delay in digitising the clips. They should be up in the next week or so. Other news is that "Passport For Murder" has been released in a few shops in the UK!! I'm going to London next weekend, so will hopefully get a copy then :o) I will let you all know if I find an on-line shop that sells it. Also, I just won a Japanese copy of Clue on eBay, so will be posting scans from that as soon as I get it - prepare for the most deadly weapon ever seen in an international version!! Also (yes there's more, ust to keep you all coming back to the site) I have some hot goss coming up that I'm keeping under my hat for now - but if it comes off - it will be great!
NEW (4/9/00): Some people couldn't view August's Clips of the Month so I've replaced the files with ones you should be able to view. Appologies to anyone who encountered this, all should now be fine.
NEW (3/9/00): See the winners of August's Clips of the Month and vote for September's clips.
NEW (29/8/00): International section updated with lots of information about the Portuguese suspects, weapons and rooms (thanks Sara) and translations for two more of the Spanish suspects (thanks Leo)
Plus, there's only two days left to vote for August's Clips of the Month!

NEW (20/8/00): Swedish TV Guide update with loads of new facts (thank Lars!); Link to the fab new website Tudor Close added; Link to Clue: A Computer Game & A VCR Game updated.
(Psst! Two (yes I said TWO!) new mysteries will be coming this way very soon. Watch this space...)
NEW (10/8/00): Another big update:
Merchandise List updated with images and text for Armchair Detective, Watch, Cookie Tin, Gift Card, Mrs. White Doll, CDi 2, Swedish TV and Spyglass Mysteries.
TV Media updated with images and sound samples from the Swedish TV Series
UK TV Guide gets an overhaul with a summary section and new entries for most of the first series!
NEW (1/8/00): See the winners of July's Clip Vote and vote for August's clips.
NEW (26/7/00): This site wins UKPlus Site of the Day Award! Read the review here.
NEW (18/7/00): Cluedo Super Sleuth Rules (Version 403M09) added.
NEW (7/7/00): Link to Top100 Game Sites added. Also note that I'm off on holidays for a week, so there will be a delay in responding to any e-mails.
NEW (5/7/00): Swedish TV episode guide added (thanks Lars).
NEW (2/7/00): July's Clip Vote added - see three new movie clips and vote for July's clips. Series 2, Episode 1 summary added to UK episode guide.
NEW (24/6/00): Dates to remember: This month's Clip Vote will be ending in a week's time, so vote now! Clue DVD is released on 27th June (psst you can see screen shots of it here) and Simpsons Clue is out on 31st June.
NEW (20/6/00): Link to Krimi added. Merchandise pages updated with new image and text for Simpsons Clue and new images for Cluedo Master Detective and Clue The Musical.
NEW (11/6/00): French TV guide added (thanks Jérôme!). Cluedo Play-Bites image added and description update. Cluedo On-Line Deduction Game created (Version 4 browsers and above only)!
NEW (4/6/00): French card images added to the International page (thanks Jérôme).
NEW (3/6/00): BIG Update! French TV Series intro music added to Merchandise page and Media page (thanks Jérôme);
UK, USA, Canadian, German, Dutch/Flemish and Swiss card images added to International page (thanks Jaime, Didier, D'arcy and Daniel);
Link to Boardgames Start4all added;
Email Games Cluedo image and Genesis Clue image and description added to Merchandise page.
NEW (29/5/00): Site made more WebTV friendly. Simpsons Clue added to the merchandise list, Scooby Doo Clue updated and Ornament picture added.
NEW (27/5/00): The first "Clip of the Month" is unvield with two digitised clips from the TV series and one from the film! Vote for next months clips while you're there. Also, UK TV episode guide updated with Series 1, Episode 1.
NEW (24/5/00): Last Chance! I'm hoping to put the digitised video clips for the movie and TV series, on the site this weekend; so cast you vote NOW for which you'd like to see.
NEW (20/5/00): Swiss chracters, weapons and rooms added to the international page - Thanks Didier.
NEW (8/5/00): Vote for you favourite Movie and TV clips to be "Clip of the Month".
NEW (28/4/00): Link to Parkeerbonnen added.
NEW (26/4/00): Link to Clue: A Computer Game & A VCR Game added, content notice added and geocities add removed (as there's a box that appears instead).
NEW (22/4/00): Clue - The Movie Guide created with lots of pictures, quotes and cast list.
NEW (13/4/00): Images added to Merchandise page for Clue Keychain, Junior Cluedo, British TV Series and Australian TV Series.
NEW (12/4/00): French entries in the International section updated - Thanks Jérôme.
NEW (10/4/00): Important! I just discovered that when I added the scoring system to the mysteries on 27/3/00, I messed up the comments form - so if you sent me any comments after solving a mystery (including the new 5th mystery) before now, please contact me. This bug has now been fixed, along with some large counters!
NEW (9/4/00): UK episode guide starts to get an overhaul - adding intro text, cast list, guest list, weapons, summaries, quotes and images. Media page gets a couple of images.
NEW (8/4/00): It's here!! The fifth Cluedo Murder Mystery has finally been written! Play it now!
NEW (6/4/00): Hot News! Clue the movie to be released on DVD in june. Click here for details. Clue - The Movie section of the site created.
NEW (29/03/00): Corrected spelling mistakes in "Party of Sorrows". (psst. 5th mystery is coming VERY soon!)
NEW (27/03/00): Help and Scoring added to all mysteries (are you an Expert Detective ?)
NEW (23/03/00): Guestbook is working again (sign it!)
NEW (11/03/00): British Cluedo TV Series, series 1 screenshots added to media section.
NEW (07/03/00): Italian characters and Wendy's Secret Safe updated; Play Bites and "Pub Quiz" added.
NEW (05/02/00): Magic The Gathering section finally killed off, nav bar introduced and Scratchy image added to merchandise page.
NEW (23/01/00): Canadian section added to the International page.
NEW (22/01/00): Site redesign continues, Portuguese suspects added to International page (though need help with their colours), Clue II: Murder In Disguise VCR Game added to Merchandise page and the CDi game gets an image.
NEW (02/01/00): Dutch/Flemmish section of International Page updated.
NEW (30/12/99): More pictures added to merchandise page. Episode added to Australian guide.
NEW (20/12/99): CDi Games 1 & 2 and E-m@il Games added to merchandise page.
NEW (19/12/99): International Cluedo page updated with Finnish version (though need help with translations) and Swedish version updated.
NEW (11/12/99): Cluedo Television Series (British & Australian) Media Page created. Site redesign begins ...
NEW (8/11/99): Merchandise page filled with more pictures, plus Wendy's, VCR, more Australian episodes and Scooby and Mickey Clue!
NEW (4/11/99): More on "Fatal Illusion", the 50 year debate and international pages expanded
NEW (24/10/99): Merchandise Page reorganised and new items added (Austrailan & British TV Series, Scratchies and more). Rules section added.
NEW (28/9/99): Cluedo Murder Mystery No. 4 !!
NEW (14/9/99): Merchandise Page updated with Hitchcock Clue and Collector's Edition image
NEW (24/8/99): Foreign Cluedo page updated
NEW (21/8/99): Merchandise Page updated to include American jigsaw titles and pics for Original Clue and Cluedo 50th
NEW (12/8/99): Cluedo Card Game, Clue 50th Edition, Cluedo Jigsaws and Cluedo Chronicles Episode 1: The Fatal Mask added to Merchandise Page
NEW (1/5/99): Cluedo Murder Mystery No. 3 !!
NEW (20/2/99): Merchandise page seriously updated
NEW (9/2/99): Link to The Mysterious Home Page
NEW (3/2/99): Link to Clue Deluxe
NEW (24/1/99): Test your powers of deduction with "Cluedo Deductions"
NEW (24/1/99): Cluedo and Clue international page