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A fabulous game based on Cluedo from Cheatwell Games.
In this game there is no board, you just take turns to suggest and show cards; to try and track down who was killed (Lord Muck? Lady Muck? or several others), by whom (Nanny Goat? Atilla the Hound?), where (The Haha? The Inglenook?), with what (The Bomb? The Sock and Ball?) and why (Love? Revenge? Jealousy?)
With 6 options from each of the five sections, the possibilities are immense!

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Kill Dr. Lucky:

Run around J. Robert Lucky mansion trying to Kill Dr. Lucky before your friends can!
But will will poisoning him work? Play it and find out.

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Save Dr. Lucky:

Like all good games, spin off games are created. In the prequel to Kill Dr. Lucky, in Save Dr. Lucky, this time you have to save Dr. Lucky from downing aboad the ill-fated Titanic, while someone is watching you. But will your friends stop you or beat you to it?

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Foul Play:

Who killed Sir John? Mrs. Thatcham, Mrs. Drabble, Miss Sang Lo, Dr. Quandry, Major Gallop or Senator Bluster? This computer game for the PC looks very similar to the Cluedo CD Rom Computer Game, but with 4,700 possible endings and 10 game levels, it should last a bit longer.
Available from Armchair Travel.

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Case Closed:

Another PC game similar to the Cluedo CD Rom Computer Game, but this time completely computer generated and very stylish. The Case Closed website includes downloadable demos. Who killed Mr. D' Ceased? Agenta Amino, Mrs. Snewty or Madam Baguette?

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Harry Potter Mystery at Hogwarts Game:

Someone has broken Hogwarts' rules and cast a spell outside class. Solve the mystery by deducing which character, which spell and which classroom. Use the secret passageways hidden on the board but don't bump into the ghost who haunts Hogwarts School! From 2 to 6 players or teams. For ages 8 years and over.
Text by : Argos

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This is a bizarre skit on Cluedo, where the suspects, weapons and rooms are all lewd eg. Mrs. Kinky with the Sheep in the Jacuzzi! Click on the image on the left to see it in full.

Marty Fairgrieve sends this saying: "When I went to interview Chris Biggins on that tour [Cluedo - The Play], he had one in his dressing room that someone had sent to him to wish him a good run. So I made it a mission to find it for myself."

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Alfred Hitchcock tells that his old house is being haunted by a ghost (Cleopatra, Nero, Daniel Boone, King Henry VIII, Pocahontas and Napoleon) and needs your help finding a ghost and a weapon (gun, rope, axe and poison).

Players pick a detective pawn ( 2 Shylock Bones, Dick Crazy and Charlie Clam)

Players roll dice and move around a big old house finding clues in rooms. If they don't need some cards they can throw the clue cards on the lawn and if somebody needs a card they go to the living room and pick a card, but if you have more than 7 cards then you must throw away a card.

There are 2 ways to win the game: Finding 4 cards that match up a ghost, 4 cards that match up a weapon and finding a motive cards (bribery, self defence, lovers quarrels, robbery, jealousy and blackmail); the other way to win is to find the 6 Alfred Hitchcock cards and a "It's A Mystery To Me" card. I highly recommend this game to all "Clue" fans!!!!!!!
Text By: Sammy Long

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