Cluedo & Clue Links

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Official Sites:

Official Hasbro Website

MysteryNet Clue Chronicles - Online prequel to the Fatal Illusion game plus a good discussion board if you get stuck with the computer game (hint - use the search facility).

Clue(do) Fan Sites:

The Art of Murder - Fantastic Clue and Cluedo website with images of most of the merchandise ever available!

Clue Series Online - Online Clue mysteries.

Matthew Chapman - Matthew Chapman's site with lots of fan art (Clue(do) fan art to be added soon).

Japanese Clue(do) - Japanese versions of Clue(do). Clue/Cluedo - Site with a very useful Detective Notepad for serious players!

Mystery Sites:

MysteryNet - Online Murder Mysteries.

Games Sites: - Dutch website with tonnes of boardgame related links - in Dutch.

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