Cluedo & Clue Fan Art Gallery

This section is a bit of fun where visitors can show off their artistic talents.
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James Porter's Lego Cluedo Cards


Mrs. Peacock Prof. Plum
Miss Scarlet Rev. Green
Mrs. White Col Mustard

Gabriel Stings & Friends' Cards and Cover

Gabriel Stings: We are students in Visual Art and this was a project for a Fine Art work. We are French and live in Strasbourg.

Box Cover:  


Mme Pervenche
(Tymothée Tatou)
Prof Violet
(Léon Brigantin)
Mlle Rose
(Svetlana Erichetna)
Docteur Olive
(Gabriel Stings)
Mme Leblanc
(Marie Laflute)
Col Moutarde
(Marcellus Wallas)

Matthew Chapman's Clue Mater Detective Cards

Here are Matthew Chapman's homemade cards for Clue Master Detective:

Tamara Whyte & Friends Haloween Party

Tamara Whyte and her friends dressed up as the suspects for Haloween. Below are their pictures:

Mrs. Scarlet - Tamara Whyte Mrs. White - Janna Gonwa Mrs. Peacock - Kelly Geoghegan
Prof. Plum - Al Miller Col. Mustard - Luke Jones Plum & Mustard

Joshua Dorsheimer's Clue Reunion 2002

An idea of what the cast would look like now, 17 years on.
From the Back Left: Michael McKean, Lesley Ann Warren, Martin Mull, Christopher Lloyd, Eileen Brennan (I know, I know, but it was the only recent picture I could find.)
Front Left: Lee Ving, Collen Camp, Tim Curry, Jane Wiedlin, Howard Hesseman

Ian Janosko & The Thiel Players' Cards and Covers

Ian Janosko: I'm a student at Thiel College in western Pennsylvania, and this past Halloween I was able to talk some of my friends into dressing as the Suspects. I was also able to talk the director of our Theatre Department into letting us rearrange his office to look like the Study, and let us take pictures in it. We staged some of the Box Covers and also the Suspect and Weapon Cards.

Box Covers:
ClueBoxCover86.jpg ClueBoxCover92.jpg
ClueBoxCover96.jpg ClueTheThielPlayersEdition.jpg


 86 Edition92 Edition96 Edition  86 Edition92 Edition96 Edition
Col. Mustard
(Ian Janosko)
Miss Scarlet
(Kylene Fosmer)
Mr. Green
(Nicholas Lias)
Mrs. Peacock
(Jill Schultheis)
Mrs. White
(Beth Carpenter)
Prof. Plum
(Mark Newara)

Weapons & Back: