UK Cluedo TV Series 3 - 1992

Presenter : Richard Madeley  
Cast : Peacock : Susan George
  Mustard : Lewis Collins
  Green : Christopher Biggins
  Plum : Tom Baker
  Scarlett : Lysette Anthony
  White : Pam Ferris
3.1A Hunting We Will Go , by Simon Masters
Guest Cast : Gordon Ferrar : Neil Morrissey
Teams: 1. Valerie Singleton ("Blue Peter") and Johnny Ball ("Johnny Ball Reveals All")
2. Edwina Currie (Former Health Minister) and Richard O'Brien ("The Rocky Horror Show", "The Crystal Maze")
Weapons: Scissors,
[& Poison],
Summary: On the day of the Arlington Hunt, a young man arrived at the grange looking like the victim of another kind of blood sport.
Motives: Peacock : Her beloved horse Phantom was killed by a truck after being scared by one of the protesters. Did she avenge his death?
  Mustard : Mustard was jealous of Scarlett's former relationship with Gordon. Did he silence the saboteur forever?
  Green : Green witnesses Gordon's beating by Mustard and had to decide where his loyalties lay - did that cause him to commit the ultimate crime?
  Plum : Gordon said he had a video of Plum feeding fox cub to his hounds. Did he kill to save his reputation?
  Scarlett : Was Miss Scarlett determined to bury a guilty secret?
  White : Did she feel guilty for aiding the protester and betraying her employer?
Classic Quotes: Plum: "My wife is immensely rich and would have understood."
  Green: "What in Heaven's name are you doing here?"
  Peacock: "If he isn't out of here in 2 minutes, he'll get what he deserves!"
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3.2Scared To Death , by Michael Feeney Callan
Guest Cast : Miss Terry : Ruth Madoc
Teams: 1. Annabel Croft ("Treasure Hunt") and Dickie Davies (Sports Presenter)
2. Lorraine Kelly ("TV-AM") and Martyn Lewis [as Martin Lewis] (News Reader)
Weapons: Candlestick,
Cross & Chain,
Summary: Mrs. White believes that the house is haunted; and the others think that it's time to exorcise the Arlington Ghost.
Motives: Peacock : Did the spectre of a scandal make Mrs. Peacock the killer?
  Mustard : Did Colonel Mustard have a motive for murder?
  Green : Was Reverend Green guilty of killing the clairvoyant?
  Plum : Did a ghost from the past drive Professor Plum to a deadly deed?
  Scarlett : Did Miss Scarlett's secret make her silence the psychic?
  White : She was unhinged. But was Mrs. White mad enough to murder?
Classic Quotes: Mustard: "Trust the vicar, Mrs. White. Don't you feel an aura of peace and serenity?"
[Bell rings. Mrs. White jumps.]
Scarlett: "Well, so much for serenity."

  White: "I thought I heard something tapping at the window, so I fired and shot the argar."

  Plum: "It was the carving of a woman with one eye and nostrils like a rocking horse and it reminded me of my Auntie Wynne"
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3.3Murder In Merrie England , by Michael Le Moignan & Lesley Lamont-Fisher
Guest Cast : Max Gold : Mike Sarne
Teams: 1. Lynn Faulds Wood ("Watchdog") and Nicholas Parsons ("Just A Minute" & "Cluedo")
2. Sarah Kennedy ("Game For A Laugh") and Jonathon Morris ("Bread")
Weapons: Croquet Mallet,
Bow & Arrows,
Meat Cleaver,
Summary: European multi-millionaire Max Gold has ambitious plans for Arlington Grange, so he's made Mrs. Peacock an offer she can't refuse.
Motives: Peacock : Did Mrs. Peacock kill to preserve the past?
  Mustard : Double crossed; did Col. Mustard decide to make a financial killing?
  Green : Did the Reverend Green sell his soul to save his church?
  Plum : Or did Professor Plum fund his future by burying Gold?
  Scarlett : Or was it Miss Scarlett to protect her future?
  White : Did Mrs. White invest in murder to save her home and her job?
Classic Quotes: Scarlett: "He actually suggested I'd make an excellent waitress in his Maid Marion Cocktail Bar!"
  Gold: "You remind me of the greatest British hero of all."
Mustard: "Ah, I know who you me: 'We shall fight them on the beaches. We will never surrender'."
Gold: "No, no, much greater... I want you to be Merry England's very own Robin Hood."

  Peacock: "Oh it's England: croquet on the lawn, tea in silver tea pots, sherry before dinner. One simply has to maintain one's standards."
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3.4And Then There Were Nuns , by Michael Feeney Callan
Guest Cast : Sister Concepta : Jean Boht
Teams: 1. Carol Vorderman ("Countdown") and Charles Kennedy (Liberal Democrat MP)
2. Kathy Tayler ("TV-am" & "Holiday '92") and Richard Bath (Newscaster & Presenter)
Weapons: Spear,
Cake Knife,
Summary: A family reunion, that brings some unpleasant surprises. Sister Concepta is the late Jack Peacock's long lost sister - as such, she's entitled to inherit Arlington Grange instead of Mrs. Peacock.
Motives: Peacock : Mrs. Peacock stood to lose her home; so did Concepta have to lose her life?
  Mustard : Did Col. Mustard's dark deeds provide a motive for murder?
  Green : To remove a rival; did the Reverend Green break the sixth commandment?
  Plum : Or was Nun minus one, the sinister solution for Professor Plum?
  Scarlett : Did Miss Scarlett insure her inheritance with a policy of murder?
  White : Did Mrs. White send a Sister on a final, fateful journey?
Classic Quotes: Green: "There's not room for two banks on this highstreet. This is spiritual warfare!"
  Concepta: "My dear, you have no claim on this house and I intend to have you - EVICTED."
  Host: "They say old habits die hard - but somebody killed Sister Concepta."
  Plum: "I'm a compulsive wiper of feet - in fact my shoes only last about six weeks; and I remember that it was because I kept wiping my feet, that my first wife left me. She said 'I'm jealous of that mat - I wish you'd give me the same attention that you give that doormat'."  
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3.5Blackmail And The Fourth Estate , by Nick McCarty
Guest Cast : David Stringer : Dudley Sutton
Teams: 1. Lisa Aziz ("TV-am" Newsreader) and Kevin Lloyd ("The Bill")
2. Jenny Powell (Children's Television Presenter) and Nigel Dempster (Daily Mail Society Columnist)
Weapons: Knife,
Billiard Cue,
Curtain Cord,
Carving Fork,
Summary: Mrs. Peacock is playing host to a journalist, who has promised to write an article that will make Arlington Grange extremely famous.
Motives: Peacock : Mrs. Peacock feared a scandal - but chould she kill?
  Mustard : Was it Col. Mustard to hide his Gulf War guilt?
  Green : Did the Reverend Green take a gamble and silence Stringer?
  Plum : Or did Professor Plum stop at nothing, to stop the press?
  Scarlett : Did Miss Scarlett prove a fatal attraction?
  White : Did Mrs. White have a burning desire to bury the past?
Classic Quotes: Dempster: "Now everyone knows how us gossip columnists earn our living!"
  White: "A woman of my age has no need to kill for love."
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3.6Deadly Dowry , by Simon Masters
Guest Cast : Clive Moxton : Simon Shepherd
Teams: 1. Una Stubbs (Actress and Television Personality) and Nick Owen (Sports Presenter)
2. Eve Pollard (Editor of the Sunday Express) and Philip Middlemiss ("Coronation Street")
Weapons: Billiard Cue,
Meat Pounder,
Summary: Miss Scarlett has unexpectedly brought a young man home to meet the others. But Clive Moxton's visit isn't the only surprise on the cards.
Motives: Peacock : Did Mrs. Peacock murder for money?
  Mustard : Jilted and jealous, did Col. Mustard take revenge on a romantic rival?
  Green : Exposed as a card sharp, did the Reverend Green deal a deadly hand?
  Plum : Or did Professor Plum's dark secret force him to finish off the fiancÚ?
  Scarlett : Did Miss Scarlett's motive for marriage, provide a motive for murder?
  White : Did Mrs. White vow to end the engagement?
Classic Quotes: Peacock: "Don't make an enemy of me Mr. Moxton. It wouldn't be good for your health."
  Green: "They would probably allow me to win, on the pretext that I had such a small stipend."
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