Cluedo Master Detective 2001
("Super Cluedo")

Our head contact in France (Jérôme Viot) has spotted a new version of "Super Cluedo" (the French name for "Master Detective"). It was relased in France in December 2001; so now we are hoping that, like Passport To Murder, it will shortly arrive in Britain. As PTM did not arrive in America, I doubt this will either (but you never know...)

Below is the information that we currently have on the game, as well as scans of the cover and the cards


  • The game has a new look, similar in style to Cluedo Passport To Murder.
  • The new game plays exactly the same as the old version of Master Detective, with the only changes being in the design.
  • The box shows a room (probably the Hall) with the suspects (foreground : Miss Scarlett and Colonel Mustard) drawn in the same style as on the Passport to Murder's cards.
  • There are the same 10 suspects as in Master Detective.
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