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Cluedo Detect-It-Yourself Mysteries

These are two books that were published in the UK in 1991. Both start by the six suspects arriving at Tudor Close a year or so after the death of Dr. Black. They have been told to come prepared with a mystery from their past - whether burglary, prank or Murder - for them to recount over dinner. Throughout the stories, the reader must remember details of the story and study the pictures closely, as they are tested at regular intervals. Each story ends with a whodunit or howdidtheydoit; which is answered just before the next chapter. The book ends with a small mystery aligned to the dinner party. This is also explained before the end of the book.

Book List:

  1. Cluedo Detect-It-Yourself Mysteries 1
  2. Cluedo Detect-It-Yourself Mysteries 2
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Clue books:

These are a set of American mystery books based on the game. I've managed to get a few from - though I'm missing loads.

Each book contains about 10 mini-mysteries, with Mr. Boddy being killed in the last one. At the end of each mystery is a "Logic Puzzle" type of description and a question of whodunit. So to answer the question, you may have to work out who is carrying which weapon, who was in which room, who was wearing the blue dressing gown etc.

Like the Cluedo Detect-It-Yourself books, these are also fairly basic (though it is easy to make a mistake) and are probably designed for early teenagers.

Book List :

  1. Who Killed Mr. Boddy?
  2. The Secret Secret Passage
  3. The Case of the Invisible Cat
  4. Mystery at the Masked Ball
  5. Midnight Phone Calls
  6. Booby Trapped
  7. The Picture Perfect Crime
  8. The Clue in the Shadow
  9. Mystery in the Moonlight
  10. The Case of the Screaming Skeleton
  11. Death by Candlelight
  12. The Haunted Gargoyle
  13. The Revenge of the Mummy
  14. The Dangerous Diamond
  15. The Vanishing Vampire
  16. Danger After Dark
  17. The Clue in the Crystal Ball
  18. Footprints in the Fog
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Clue Jr. books:

Subsequent to the Clue Books, a series of childrens books was released with the characters now turned into children who solve mysteries.
Unlike most of the other series of books, the majority of these books are still available. Try Amazon.

Book List :

  1. The Case of the Secret Message
  2. The Case of the Stolen Jewel
  3. The Case of the Chocolate Fingerprints
  4. The Case of the Missing Movie
  5. The Case of the Zoo Clue
  6. The Case of the Runaway Turtle
  7. The Case of the Mystery Ghost
  8. The Case of the Clubhouse Thief
  9. The Case of the Karate Chop
  10. The Case of the Secret Password
  11. The Case of the Barking Dog
  12. The Case of the Winning Skateboard
  13. The Case of the Soccer Camp Mystery
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Clue Jr.: The Case of the Missing Sunglasses:

Released 2004, "Clue Jr.: The Case of the Missing Sunglasses: A Surprise Adventure" was released in the "Let's Read and Play" series.

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Clue The Movie Storybook:

A hardback book of 61 pages with 56 colour pictures from the movie and from promotional shots. Basically, it tells the story of the movie. The end is a sort of choose your own adventure ending featuring **FOUR** ENDINGS with pictures from the fourth ending too! The inside cover even has a really neat floorplan drawing of the house.
This book is a gem but it's not in print anymore so it is really hard to find!
Text by : Timothy

See also: The Fourth Ending

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Clue : The Novel:

Clue The Novel: written by Michael McDowell. 188 pages. Includes the 3 endings from the movie, plus a 4th ending not in the movie.
Published by Ballantine Books, 1986. The dedication is kind of neat. On the copyright page it says: "This book is dedicated to Those Who Got Away With It."
Text by : Matt Galucy

See also: The Fourth Ending

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Cluedo Armchair Detective:

Can you solve the mysteries of Tudor Close?
This book by Lawrence Treat, with pictures from George Hardie, was released in 1983 and is out of print.
It is quiet an impressive book with puzzles that you have to solve by reading the story and then hypothesising from the pictures. The characters are given some strange names like Horatio Green and Beryl White as well as bizarre backgrounds like Cynthia Scarlet being a former "Artiste of the Air".
The puzzles are quite fun, however many have the major drawback that you virtually have to guess what the answers to the questions are - there are not enough clues and the writer presumes that you think the same way he does.
Overall, an interesting book though.

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Cluedo Mysteries:

A new book appeared on during January 2002; however its publication was delayed as the original author (Nigel Tappin) dropped out of the project. Vicki Cameron then took over and the book was then published in the US in February 2003, in her name. Details are:
  • Title: Cluedo Mysteries
  • Author: Vicki Cameron
  • ISBN: 0762412089
  • Published Date: February 2003
  • 223 pages
  • Price: £5.59 / $9.95 (+P&P)

Table of Contents:

  • An Invitation to Tudor Hall
  • Carte Blanche
  • Mustard's Pickle
  • Scarlet in the Abstract
  • To Be Continued
  • A Feather In Every Cap
  • A Whiter Shade Of Blue
  • Puce Versus Nether Wallop
  • Sparkle and Plenty
  • Mrs. Peacock's Pen
  • The Chartreuse Trust
  • Clocked
  • Rocks of Ages
  • The Wheels of Coffee Grind Slow
  • The Water Suite
  • One Tin Soldier
You can buy the book from by clicking here: Clue Mysteries or here: Cluedo Mysteries.

Thanks to Louise, Vicki and Jon for all the info.

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More Cluedo Mysteries:

The sequel to Cluedo Mysteries appeared on (listed as Clue rather than Cluedo, though that will probably change) during April 2002 for release in September 2002. Due to delays, it was release in autumn 2003 and can be found on here: More Clue Mysteries and here: More Cluedo Mysteries.
(Note: Image to left is the released cover, image to right is working cover prior to publication).
Below is the info known:
  • Title: More Cluedo Mysteries
  • Author: Vicki Cameron
  • ISBN: 0762413077
  • Published Date: August 2003
  • 224 pages
  • Price: £6.99 / $9.95 (+P&P)

Table of Contents:

  • Welcome to Tudor Hall
  • The Road to Good Intentions
  • The Scone of Stone
  • Volume Three
  • Pooled
  • All the Tea in China
  • Old Money
  • A Designated Casualty
  • Birds of a Feather
  • As Time Goes By
  • Recipe for Disaster
  • Heads Up
  • Dog Gone It
  • Swashbuckle
  • A Gift Horse
  • The Game's Afoot

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