UK Cluedo TV Series 1 - 1990

"You are invited to a murder.
Arlington Grange - home of Mrs Peacock. Twice widowed, her wealth has given the social status she demands as a pillar of the community.
Colonel Mustard: An ambitious ex-SAS office, who's new role as a security advisor to foreign governments gives him a taste for politics.
Reverand Green: Vicar of Arlington tirelessly campaigns to save the environment thanks to the endulgence and financial support of Mrs Peacock.
Professor Plum: American businessman who's doubtful dealings on the British stock market have threatened an otherwise promising career.
Miss Scarlett has fallen for Col Mustard. Marriage to him could unlock her trust fund and free her from the control of her step-mother Mrs Peacock.
Mrs White: Housekeeper of the grange and trusted friend of Mrs. Peacock. Knows all the secrets of the village, perhaps too well..."

Series Notes: Professor Plum is a young American businessman - completely the opposite to his status in the game and something they quickly changed back in subsequent series. Mr. White makes a rare appearance. Teams are made up of one celebrity and one "normal" person.

Presenter : James Bellini    
Voice Over : Charles Foster  
Cast : Peacock : Stephanie Beacham
  Mustard : Robin Ellis
  Green : Robin Nedwell
  Plum : Kristoffer Tabori
  Scarlett : Tracy - Louise Ward
  White : June Whitfield
1.1 Countdown , by Kevin Rattan Wednesday 25th July 1990
Guest Cast : Comte Henri de Beauchamp : Oliver Tobias
  Mr White : Graham Rigby
Teams: 1. Edward Hardwicke ("The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes") and Karen Beer (Special Constable)
3. Nanette Newman (Author) and Dr. Mike Hammer (Pathologist)
Weapons: Candlestick, Pistol, Poison,
Knife, Rope, Paperwieght.
Summary: A "fun run" is held at Arlington Grange for charity. Meanwhile Mrs. Peacock's new fiancé (the comte) is causing as stir - especially when he's discovered not to be who he says he is.
Classic Quotes: Karen: "How did you meet the count?"
Peacock: "On a ferry."
Bellini: "Ah, a "ferry" story."
  White: "I secreated myself be'ind the curtains"
(58K Wav)
  Plum: "I'm an American, what do you mean I don't know how to use a gun?!"
1.2 Deadly Disco , by Kevin Rattan Wednesday 1st August 1990
Guest Cast : Mr Hall : Nicholas Ball
Teams: 1. John Stalker ("Crimebusters") and Judy Roberts (Professional Corpse)
2. Anna Carteret ("Juliet Bravo") and Dr. David Weeks (Neural Scientist)
Weapons: Spanner, Shotgun, Poison,
Knife, Curtain Tie-back, Statuet.
Summary: Property owner Mr. Hall wants to drain the viallge pond to build a disco. The "Stop The Disco Action Group" is meeting with him at Arlington Grange to discuss it.
Classic Quotes: Scarlett: "... I had an affair with Mr. Hall!"
Peacock: "Oh, not another one?"
Plum: "Is there anyone you haven't had an affair with with?"
Scarlett: "You! And I wouldn't dream of it either!"
(245K Wav)
  Plum (after Anna suggests him): "And I just want to say that I will NEVER watch your show again!"
  White: "Thank you Mr. Baloney"
1.3 A Bridge Too Far , by Kevin Rattan Wednesday 8th August 1990
Guest Cast : Mrs. Hope : Joanna Van Gyseghem
  Mr Hope : Paul Darrow
Teams: 1. Ned Sherrin (Theatre Mogul) and Zena Scott-Archer (Private Detective)
2. Thelma Barlow ("Coronation Street") and Clive Fisk (Financial Investigator)
Weapons: Bridge Trophy, Shotgun, Poison, Steak Knife,
Curtain Tie-back, Billiard Cue.
Summary: Mrs. Peacock and Miss Scarlett have won the bridge trophy 3 years in a row - so Plum hires some hustlers to knock them off their post. However, the hustlers become a little greedy.
Classic Quotes: White: "Well, there was a little something in it... it was just a little rat poison."
1.4 Going, Going, Goner , by Kevin Rattan Wednesday 15th August 1990
Guest Cast : Peregrine Talbot-Wheeler : Nicholas Grace  
  Mr White : Graham Rigby
Teams: 1. Andrew Sachs ("Fawlty Towers") and Dee Williamson (Legal Executive)
2. Kieth Barron ("Duty Free") and Harriet Cozen (Cluedo Welsh Champion)
Weapons: Billiard Cue, Antique Pistol, Poison, Antique Sword, Bowtie, Paperwieght.
Summary: Mrs. Peacock has invited art critic and presenter of "The Antiques Treasure Trail" - Peregrine Talbot-Wheeler - to value some of the items in the house.
1.5 Politician's Funeral , by Kevin Rattan Wednesday 22nd August 1990
Guest Cast : Mr White : Graham Rigby  
  Mr Chapman : Simon Williams
  The Minister : Barrie Cookson
Teams: 1. Edward Fox ("Day of the Jackal") and Bob Kettle (P.I.)
2. Joanna David ("First Among Evil") and Eileen Kettle (P.I.)
Weapons: Statuet, Card Sharp's Gun, Poison, Knife, Black Tie, Crook Lock.
Summary: Mrs Peacock holds the reception after the local MP's funeral, at Arlington Grange. Col. Mustard is one of the contenders for the vacated post - but so is Mr Chapman (Professor Plum's boss). This leads Champan to start blackmailing people to win the post. He also threathens to send Plum back to America.
Classic Quotes: White: "I wouldn't dream of ruining that statuet"
  Eileen Kettle: "Miss Scarlett, what happened in the Billiard Room with Mr Chapman?"
Bellini: "Keep it short Miss Scarlett"
  White (with reference to Col. Mustard having an affair with Miss Scarlett and Mrs. Peacock):
"[He] shouldn't be bilingual!"
  White (tipsy): "Well I've been illuminated"
1.6 A Fête Worse Than Death , by Kevin Rattan Wednesday 29th August 1990
Guest Cast : Mr White : Graham Rigby  
  Constable Jones : Chris Wright
  Bernard Kirkbride : Art Malik
Teams: 1. Tony Slattery ("Who's Line Is It Anyway") and Coretta Phillips (Criminologist)
2. David Yip ("The Chinese Detective") and Andrew Lovelady (Metropolitan Police)
Weapons: Statuet, Colonel Mustard's Rifle, Poison, Cake Knife, Tail From Dragon's Costume, Mrs Peacock's Hatpin.
Summary: Mrs. Peacock holds a St. George's Day Fétè at Arlington Grange and invites TV actor Bernard Kirkbride to appear as a special guest. Meanwhile, Constable Jones is disguised as a dragon as because last year's proceeds from the fete were stolen.
Classic Quotes: Scarlett (to Slattery): "So busy showing off to the audience, could you get a move on, please?"
  Yip: "Mrs White, with poison, probably the poison she's..."
White: "The poison I'm drinking at the moment! Huh!"
  Slattery: "Mrs White, because she's a mad alcoholic..."
White: "Erm, excuse me Mr Blini, are the defectives allowed to make remarks like that?!"
  James Bellini: "Now, why are you so keen on Mrs White?"
White: "Yes, I'd like to know that too."
  White: "I was paranotic!"


Christmas Cluedo - 1990

"You are invited to a murder.

Arlington Grange - home of wealthy widow Elizabeth Peacock; society hostess and patron of the arts. A woman with a reputation she would rather forget.

Colonel Mustard: Secret lover of Mrs. Peacock. A dashing military hero who's glitering career hides a tarnished past.

The Reverand Green: Pastor of the parish who's means of raising money are not heaven sent. Though a man of the cloth, he has feet of clay.

Professor Plum: Nuclear physiscist and government advisor. But would his research methods stand the scrutiny of a microscope.

Miss Scarlett: vivacious step-daughter of Mrs. Peacock; who's lust for the high life will let nothing or no-one stand in her way.

And Mrs White: for the past 15 years, friend and housekeeper to Mrs. Peacock. But what what dark secret did she bring to Arlington Grange?

Six people, all with murder on their minds."

Series Notes: Only episode to use the six traditional weapons. Each weapon has a meaning to each suspect. 45 minute episode (instead of 30 mins) and three film clips instead of two. Leslie Grantham is the only guest who later became a suspect. Most actors have been chosen to match very closely to the pictures on the famous cards (Mustard is astonishingly accurate.) The half blue set from series one is now completely red.

Presenter : James Bellini    
Cast : Peacock : Kate O'Mara
  Mustard : David Robb
  Green : Derek Nimmo
  Plum : Ian Lavender
  Scarlett : Toyah Willcox
  White : Joan Sims
S1 Christmas Past, Christmas Present , by Peter Whalley Wednesday 26th December 1990
Guest Cast : Richard Forrest : Sean Pertwee  
  Ken, the chauffer : James Clyde
Teams: Tony Scannell ("The Bill") and Fiona Spence ("Prisoner Cell Block H", "Home and Away")
Trudie Goodwin ("The Bill") and Leslie Grantham ("Eastenders","The Paradise Club")
Weapons: Knife, Candlestick, Rope, Lead Piping, Spanner, Gun.
Summary: Richard Forrest, son of the judge who used to own Arlington Grange; drops in for christmas dinner. It turns out he is going to blackmail all of the guests - who have all appeared in front of his father for various crimes. He particularly wants Arlington Grange back from Mrs Peacock. However, it isn't Richard Forest who is found dead by Mrs. White - but Ken, the chauffer. This episode is very reminiscent of the Clue film.
Classic Quotes: Fiona Spence (decisively): "I now think it was... No I think it was the Reverend Green"
  White (howling): "No! Oh no! It isn't true. I couldn't do a thing like that!"


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