UK Cluedo TV Series 4 - 1993

Presenter : Richard Madeley    
Cast : Peacock : Joanna Lumley
  Mustard : Leslie Grantham
  Green : Nicholas Parsons
  Plum : John Bird
  Scarlett : Jerry Hall
  White : Liz Smith
4.1Finders Keepers , by Russell T. Davies
Guest Cast : Jake Swithin : Ray Lonnen
Teams: 1. Siān Lloyd (Weather Forecaster) and Sir David Steel (MP)
2. Andy Crane (Children's TV Presenter) and Beverly Callard ("Coronation Street")
Weapons: Walking Stick,
Lady's Scarf,
Meat Pounder,
Champage Bottle,
Summary: Jake Swithin unearthed a horde of treasure and wound up six feet under.
Motives: Peacock : Descended from an ancient line of common crooks; did Mrs. Peacock sign Jake's death warrant to save her family name?
  Mustard : Penniless Col. Mustard had a beef with Jake; maybe he led the lamb to the slaughter?
  Green : The Reverend Green. In the heat of the moment, was he damned to hell?
  Plum : Or perhaps the Professor Plummed's depths of depravity to preserve his accademic reputaion?
  Scarlett : Rejected, her reputation under threat; did hell hath no fury like Miss Scarlett scorned?
  White : Mrs. White gave a mother's love to Jake, but she received scorn and contempt in return. Did she still his black heart?
Classic Quotes: White (when asked how her husband died): "I don't remember now - but I know he's dead! Hold on a minute, I do remember now. It was very sad. The poor love passed away after a very short illness. It was most unexpected. The doctor said it was something he ate."
  Peacock: "You may apologise. Do come and see me later."
Crane: "Very kind. I'll make it up to you I promise."
Solution: Click for Solution
4.2Seven Deadly Sinners , by Nick Fisher
Guest Cast : Sir Nigel Hussey : Ian McNiece  
4.3The Word, The Flesh And The Devil , by Nick Fisher
Guest Cast : Candice Costello : Caroline Langrishe  
4.4The Hanged Man , by Simon Masters
Guest Cast : Marjory Hunt : Jean Alexander  
4.5Where There's A Will , by Michael Feeney Callan
Guest Cast : Terence Radcliffe : Matthew Marsh  
4.6Publish And Be Damned , by Nick Fisher
Guest Cast : Roger Morgan : Daniel Peacock  

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