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Cluedo Jigsaws (Series 1):

A novel idea to combine jigsaw puzzles with a murder mystery (which has since been repeated with Agatha Christie and other ideas).
The player reads through a Cluedo story and then assembles the jigsaw (without being given a picture to help them).
Once the picture has been created, the player must spot the clues to solve the mystery.
The titles in the series were:
  1. Garden of Evil
  2. Death in the First Edition
  3. Six Cases of Murder
  4. Killer in the Kitchen
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Cluedo Jigsaws (Series 2):

A second series of the jigsaws were released a few years later, the boxes of which were spruced up by having a "window" and sliding out like drawers.

The titles in this series were:
  1. Killer on Board
  2. The Colours of Murder
  3. A Merry Little Murder
  4. Diamonds Can Be Deadly
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Clue Mystery Puzzles (American Jigsaws):

Read the story, finish the 14 x 20-inch puzzle, find the clues and solve the crime! Four mysteries to choose from, all 500 pieces, all featuring your favorite Cluedo game characters. Solve them piece-by-piece... and unlock the solution! Includes puzzle, mystery booklet, and magnifying glass.
Text by : Hasbro Inc.

These are apparently identical to the British Cluedo jigsaws - though with different boxes. They didn't even bother changing Dr. Black's name to Mr. Boddy, or Reverend Green's to Mr. Green ! The lucky Americans though got quite a few more titles though. Below are the ones I know of:

  • Death in the First Edition
  • Killer in the Kitchen
  • Six Cases of Murder
  • Garden of Evil
  • Diamonds can be Deadly
  • The Masquerade Murder
  • The Color of Murder
  • A Merry Little Murder
  • Framed for Murder
  • To Kill a Dying Man
  • The Country Inn Murder
  • Death Fortold
  • Killer on Board
  • Death on Safari
  • A Ghostly Murder
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Clue For Kids Mystery Jigsaw Puzzles:

A junior version of the jigsaws have been released in the US - with a simpler story and less pieces to put together. They are quite fun to play though - especially TCOBM:
  • Sounds Like A Robbery
  • The Curse of Bledmore Mansion

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Cluedo Card Game:

This very similar to a card game called Uno.
One person places down a card, then the next person has to put down another card with the same picture (eg. revolver) or one with the same number in the corner. If you cannot place a card, then you have to pick up a cards from the pile.
The first person to get rid of all their cards gains three points and the winner is the first person to reach ten points.

Also, at the start of the game, each player is given a special card with three normal card pictures on it. Then at the end of each round you get forfeited points if the top card of the pile appears on your special card.

For the full rules click here.

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Clue The Card Game: "Mystery Beyond the Mansion":

It's 1949 and Colonel Mustard, Mrs. Peacock and the other famous Clue characters are up to no good.

Mr. Boddy is the victim of foul play and this time the guilty party has escaped his mansion. What vehicle was used to make the getaway and where is the culprit heading? Did Miss. Scarlet hop into the flashy roadster and speed away to the Alamo? Or did Professor Plum pilot a seaplane to reach Miami Beach?

As a detective, It's your job to solve the mystery. There are hundreds of possibilities, but only one solution. Just as in the Clue board game, you'll use a detective note sheet to track information.

Action cards pace the game and provide new ways to get clues. Be first to figure out WHO committed the crime(suspect), HOW the suspect is traveling(vehicle) and WHERE the suspect is heading(destination) and you win!

Bonus: Also includes new "All Against One" version of play where one player is the "guilty party" and tries to escape from the others and Card Tray.

Other Game Facts: for ages: 8 to adult, # of players 2 to 4, Playing time 45 min, Time to learn 8 min. This item is made by Winning Moves Games.

US citizens can order it by ringing Winning Moves on 1-800-578-2468.

Aaron Eyre has kindly sent through the list of cards, which are:

Suspects:Getaway Vehicles:Destinations:
Miss ScarletAirlinerHoover Dam
Colonel MustardAutomobileConey Island
Mrs. WhiteTrainGolden Gate Bridge
Mr. GreenHot Air BalloonThe Alamo
Mrs. PeacockSeaplaneMiami Beach
Prof. PlumLimousineNiagara Falls
  Lincoln Memorial
  Mount Rushmore
  Old Faithful

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Top Cards: Cluedo The Card Game

Clue: Mystery Beyond the Mansion was rebranded and Anglocised for release in the UK. The "Mystery Beyond The Mansion" subtitle was dropped and rather than Mr. Boddy having a suspect disappear to a location in the US, Dr. Black has lost someone to a British location. Suspect images are from the British Cluedo 2000 edition.
The cards are:

Suspects:Getaway Vehicles:Destinations:
Miss ScarletAirlinerYork Minster
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Colonel MustardCarLoch Ness
Mrs. WhiteTrainBlackpool Tower
Reverend GreenHot Air BalloonAlton Towers
Mrs. PeacockSeaplaneGiant's Causeway
Professor PlumLimousineLeeds Castle
  Natural History Museum
  Caernarfon Castle

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