Cluedo Animated Mouse Cursors

(Windows only - Mac things coming soon...)

Getting bored of your little white arrow and egg-timer? Then why not replace them with some Cluedo themed cursors!

Click on the cursor below to download it and then:
In Windows: Click on the Start button, then Settings and then Control Panel.
Double click on the Mouse icon, then click on the pointers tab.
Select the pointer you wish to change (e.g. Busy) then Browse to where you saved you cursor; select it, Open it and OK it.
Your cursor should now been changed. You can change back to the Windows cursor in the future by clicking Use Default under the pointers tab.

cluedosuspects.ani (Good as Working in Background or Busy)
cluedoweapons.ani (Good as Working in Background or Busy)
magnifying.cur (Good as Normal Select or Help Select)