Cluedo & Clue Travel Boardgames

Pocket Cluedo:

This is identical to Original Cluedo, but smaller and with magnetic counters and weapons. Presented in a fold-up wallet, there is a little drawer to keep the cards and counters in on one side, and a place for the board on the other.

This version has a very stylish feel, with imitation leather covering the back of the board and the holder.

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Travel Cluedo 1997:

Again, this has the same gameplay as Original Cluedo, but is smaller and has less squares (17 * 20). The board folds in half to turn into a small plastic suitcase / luggage bag.

The playing pieces are plastic pegs which fit into a hole in each square and holes around the board. The floors of each room are recessed to fit in the notepads, cards and counters while stored.

The weapons are available as both plastic pegs and card board squares. The cards are smaller versions of those in the 1996 edition.

This is a lot chunkier than the pocket version, and not as polished.

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Travel Cluedo 2002:

In 2002, the peg version of the travel edition was replaced with a travel version which is basically a miniaturised version of the standard game.

The board is now back to cardboard (with one fold) with the "picture" floor plan as per Cluedo 2000. The playing pieces are small plastic "cone and sphere" pieces reminiscent of the classic Cluedo pieces; though the cone part is slightly concave.

The playing cards themselves are smaller versions of the cards from Cluedo 2000. A small set of notepads and two dice are also included.

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Cluedo 50th Anniversary International Travel Edition:

This travel version of Cluedo is in five languages: English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. Rules are in all five languages and the cards bear the five versions of their names.

The box includes a compact version of the board, cards, pewter weapons, playing pieces, 4 pencils and a specially designed notepad (click image on the right). I have only seen this version in Heathrow Airport, so I guess it has been made especially for tourist locations.

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Travel Clue:

Unlike Travel Cluedo this game is played slightly different to Original Clue; in order to make a quicker and simpler game. The backs of the cards have been colour coded: Yellow for Suspects, Red for Weapons and Blue for Rooms. The murder cards are picked and then the rest shuffled. Two cards are then placed face down in each of the rooms.
In turn, a player then:
  • Moves to a room (no die is rolled in this game) and looks at the cards in that room.
  • Notes on their sheet what they have seen.
  • Asks any other player, "Have you seen X" (where X is a Suspect, Weapon OR Room).
  • Continues asking people questions until they get a "No" response.
The player may accuse during their turn, before they get a "No" response.

The green plastic "travel" box measures 5.5" square and contains the game board, 21 square Clue cards, a pad of Detective Note Sheets and the directions.

Full rules to this version of the game can be found here.

Thanks to Nancy Atherley for the picture and information.

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Cluedo "Death By Indulgence" - The After Dinner Mint Edition:

This is a simplified version of the original game with only six rooms instead of nine. The counters and weapons are actually chocolate mints in coloured foil and there are "food for thought" mints in each room that a player can eat while they are deciding on their suggestion.

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