Swedish Cluedo TV Series
Episode Guide

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Presenter :

  Martin Timell

Cast :

- Reverend Green (Rev. Severd Filén) Helge Skog
- Mrs Peacock (Countess Margareta Fontän) Grynet Molvig
- Colonel Mustard (Col. Douglas Olsson) Peder Falk
- Mrs White (Mrs Siv Holm) Gunvor Pontén
- Professor Plum (Dr Jhon Plomongren) Ruben Sallmander
- Miss Scarlett (Miss Anette Gulling) Mi Ridell
- Criminal Inspector Berg Rolf Skoglund

Facts :

  • The murders are commited at "Döinge hus" (dead house)
  • There are 6 rooms - 2 of them on the ground (UK) / first (rest of the world) floor (Dining Room and Kitchen) and 4 on the first (UK) / second (rest of the world) floor (Billiard Room, Study, Lounge and Libary)
  • The weapons change from episode to episode, but there are always 6 of them
  • The location shots are filmed at "Sturehov Slott", 19 km from Stockholm
  • The Swedish series is very similar to the Australian one.
  • Hans Alfredson and Rickard Bergquist wrote the storylines to the Swedish series.
  • Every episode begins with the host (Martin Timell) presenting the 6 characters, the 6 rooms and the 6 possible weapons (the weapons change from episode to episode).
  • There are 5 film clips - the first is introductive, and the last clip shows how the murder was committed (whodunit, with what and where). The other three clips show Criminal Inspector Bert wondering around the house to find clues.
  • The first film clip is about 20-25 minutes long and it always ends with 1 of the 6 characters discovering the murdered guest and informing the others.
  • Between the film clips, the audience can ask questions to the characters. The only one alowed to lie is the murderer.
  • The host also gives clues by asking people in the audience about their votes and telling them how many of they’re votes are correct.
  • One person in the audience can win a trip for two to England.
  • There were 12 episodes in total; 6 where shown between January and March 1996 and 6 between November and December 1996.

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