UK Cluedo TV Series 2 - 1991

Presenter : Chris Tarrant    
Cast : Peacock : Rula Lenska
  Mustard : Michael Jayston
  Green : Richard Wilson
  Plum : David McCallum
  Scarlett : Koo Stark
  White : Mollie Sugden
2.1The Best Insurance , by Simon Masters
Guest Cast : George Biddle : Mark Eden
  Biddle's Assistant : Frances White
Teams: 1. Pamela Armstrong (Broadcaster & Journalist) and George Layton ("Doctor at the Top")
2. Gaby Roslin (TV Presenter) and Frank Bough (Veteran TV Presenter)
Weapons: Kettle Flex, Candlestick, Gun,
Antique Knife, Bronze Statue, Poker.
Summary: Mrs. Peacock has decided to re-insure the contents of Arlington Grange following a spate of burgularies. George Biddle, an insurance assesor, has arrive from London; and is an old friend of Colonel Mustard.
Motives: Peacock : Questions arise over her late husband's death and life insurance policy.

  Mustard : Biddle had broken his promise of getting Mustard a place on the board of directors.
  Green : A false insurance claim had been made by Green for some antique candlesticks.
  Plum : Plum avoids insurers after claiming for some pre-columbian art.
  Scarlett : Biddle discovered she had pawned a bronze statue and replaced it with a fake.
  White : Suspicion falls on White about an act of arson at her last place of employment.
Classic Quotes: Mustard: "Listen to me you moron!"
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2.2A Deadly Deal , by Nick McCarty
Guest Cast : Simon Charles : Malcolm Stoddard
Teams: 1. Sally Whittaker ("Coronation Street") and Matthew Kelly ("You Bet!")
2. Michaela Strachan (TV Presenter) and John McArdle ("Brookside")
Weapons: Steak Hammer, Ebony Ruler, Sharpening Steel,
Rat Poison, Scarf, Gun.
Summary: Investment broker, Simon Charles, convinced people to invest in a deal that later collapsed. The suspects lost a lot of money - but he didn't as he pulled out in time. Charles says that there is a way out - if they invest more money...
Motives: Peacock : Is now gambling Arlington Grange on this new deal. She stands to lose a lot.

  Mustard : Charles knew that Mustard was involed in insider deals on the stock market and was now blackmailing him.
  Green : Gambled away the £20,000 Mrs. Peacock had given to restore the church window. She is now getting suspicious and Green is getting angry.
  Plum : Charles' new investment turns out to be some multi-platform software stolen from Plum.
  Scarlett : Scarlett may have to lose her virtue due to loosing so much cash.
  White : She lost everything - her whole life savings - on the first deal and now has no money for a second chance.
Classic Quotes: Peacock: "Jonathan, where did you get that sort of money?"
Green: "I thought I was asked the questions by these people Mrs. Peacock."
Kelly: "This is great! I love it!"
Tarrant: "Don't worry, you'll soon spoil it."
Kelly (about Peacock): "I think she could have probably whipped him to death with her earrings!"
Kelly (to Scarlett): "Your motive was terrible- not only did you lose that money, but you were going to lose a lot more... in that frock."
Tarrant: "Well, I think we understand Matthew's thought processes."
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2.3Fatal Distraction , by Michael Feeney Callan
Guest Cast : Marieanne Kray : Sharon Maughan
  Toby Taylor : Guy Scantlebury
Note : Guest's character names do not appeaer in the end credits, so names are taken from the episode.
Teams: 1. Claire Rayner (Author & Agony Aunt) and Andrew O'Connor (Comedian & Game Show Host)
2. Annabel Giles ("Posh Frocks & New Trousers") and Gordon Burns ("Surprise Surprise!" & "The Krypton Factor")
Weapons: Pallet Knife, Cheese Wire Cutter, Poison,
Golf Club, Rope, Scissors.
Summary: Top TV soap star Marieanne Kray arrives at the Grange to star in a film of the life of George Velares, who used to live there. But many of the people there recognise her as an old aquaintance - Maisie Medford.
Motives: Peacock : Maisie was Elizabeth's understudy when she had the lead in "King's Destiny". She thinks Maisie poisoned her so that she could take the role and rise to fame.
  Mustard : He lived in the village when George Velares lived at the grange and knows the reason for his death.
  Green : Marieanne threatens to publish her life story if she doesn't make it big, in which she'll reveal "My Sexy Romps with Randy Rev."
  Plum : Believes that Marieanne stole his script for this film. He had put much work into it, researching Velares' life and death.
  Scarlett : Had sessions on Toby's "casting couch" so that she would get the role her later gave to Marieanne.
  White : Marieanne spends the whole day insulting her and shouting at her. Did Mrs. White give her what she deserved?
Classic Quotes: Peacock: "How you've changed."
Kray: "So have you. You used to have lovely teeth."
Peacock: "Mel?"
Kray: "Gibson darling. He's simply wild for the part of George Velares."
O'Connor: "Mr. Tarrant - am I supposed to believe this?"
Tarrant: "Yes you are."
Rayner: "I fancy the Colonel."
Giles: "Well there's no need to bring that in!"
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2.4Charity Begins At Home , by Michael Wilcox
Guest Cast : The Window Cleaner : Nick Berry
Teams: 1. Carmen Silvera ("'Allo 'Allo") and Sir Clement Freud (Author & Journalist)
2. Nina Myskow (TV Presenter) and Chris Packham ("The Really Wild Show")
Weapons: Spanner, Lead Piping, African Spear,
Revolver, Candlestick, Kitchen Knife.
Summary: While everyone prepares for a charity auction at the grange, Ben the window cleaner is snooping around listening to people's conversations. Ben turns out to be a detective hired by Peacock to find out who has been pilferring small items about the house - but he sticks his nose in places where it is not wanted.
Motives: Peacock : Peacock and Mustard think they have discovered a Turner painting (worth 6 figures) that they can buy for pennies. Ben overhears and wants in.
  Mustard : Ben tries to crack a deal with Mustard over the painting - Mustard is not impressed.
  Green : Ben was the detective who investigated 5,000 pounds of Easter money going missing from the church. Green swears he was not involved.
  Plum : Could Ben know about the missing Old People's Holiday Fund? Plum knows what happened to the money...
  Scarlett : Ben was snooping around her drawers - did he uncover some secrets while there?
  White : Ben discovers a bag full of trinkets. Mrs. White is the thief - what will she do to keep him quiet?
Classic Quotes: Plum: "What happened to Mr. Pane - he usually does our windows?"
Green: "Why should best dog get such a magnificent trophy? Haven't their sense of values taken a wrong turning?"
Tarrant: "Ben the window cleaner has kicked his last bucket."
Myskow: "I can't ask Miss Scarlett as she's just been asked... but I'm desperate to know where she got her earrings!"
Plum (After Freud insults him): "As far as my professorship is concerned, I took it in a mail order catalogue!"
Myskow: "Do you have to pay for your own gin?"
White: "Now, I would like it put on record that I may have the occasional nip for medicinal purposes; but that does not mean that I'm a dypsoholic!" (meaning alcoholic).
White: "We don't want that sort of thing at Arlington - it lowers the tone of the whole place."
Freud think Mrs. Peacock is a liar because she said Mrs. White was a good cook. As proof he says: "A good cook would never make the sausage rolls at the last minute - to hell with the asparagus tips!"
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2.5A Traveller's Tale , by Kevin Rattan
Guest Cast : Dave : Christopher Guard
Teams: 1. Amanda Barrie ("Coronation Street") and Jim Bowen ("Bullseye")
2. Michelle Collins ("Eastenders") and Mike Read (Radio 1 DJ)
Weapons: Spanner, Knife, Poison,
Candlestick, Shotgun, Telephone Flex.
Summary: Colonel Mustard's land has been invaded by hippies. Caravans of travellers are swaming the place. Vivienne Scarlett has made the company of one of the travellers, Dave; but is he who he seems to be?
Motives: Peacock : Property values are plummeting fast! What can Mrs. Peacock do to stay afloat? Maybe remove the cause of all the trouble?
  Mustard : Mustard had and "agreement" with Dave: that the hippies could squat on Mustard's land to force down property values. Did Mustard realise what a mistake he was making?
  Green : Green was irate at the hippies squatting on the land next to the church and at the banners they put on the church roof and tower. Did Green decide to get rid of their leader?
  Plum : Did Plum have some dark secret that he was hiding, that Dave knew?
  Scarlett : Vivienne was infatuated with Dave (much to the annoyance of her step-mother). But what would she do if she knew what he was really up to?
  White : Dave was constantly insulting Mrs. White. Did she finally snap and kill him?
Classic Quotes: Mustard (when asked of his relationship with Scarlett):
  "We were... very intimate."
Peacock: "Very intimate!?!"
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2.6The Bolivian Connection , by Trevor Bentham
Guest Cast : Jack Peacock : Lewis Collins
Teams: 1. Judy Finnigan ("This Morning") and Richard Madeley ("This Morning")
2. Maggie Philbin ("Tomorrow's World") and Keith Chegwin (TV Presenter)
Weapons: Funeral Urn,
Glass of Champagne,
Cake Knife.
Summary: Michael and Elizabeth's wedding day is interrupted when Jack Peacock returns from the grave. But did he find the cure for the common cold in Bolivia?
Real Media
Motives: Peacock : Arlington Grange is Jack's ancestral estate. His return means that Elizabeth will lose everything. Did she kill to prevent that from happening?
  Mustard : On Jack's return, Elizabeth called off their marriage. Did loss of money and marriage drive Mustard to murder?
  Green : In honour of her wedding, Elizabeth had promised to pay for a new £15,000 altar screen. However Green had paid for the screen himself, thinking that Peacock would pay him back soon. But now Peacock had lost her fortunes, Green would be stuck with the bill.
  Plum : Plum was part of the research project that sent Jack to Bolivia in search of the drug that would cure the common cold. Did greed lead Plum to murder?
  Scarlett : With Jack's arrival, Scarlett would now lose her inheritance. Was that a strong motivation for murder?
  White : Blanche and Jack had never seen eye-to-eye before her left for Bolivia, so she was now convinced that she would lose her job.
Classic Quotes: Chegwin (asking Scarlett about finding the body):
"What was he actually suffering from?"
Tarrant: "Death"
Tarrant: "Let's go through your thought processes Keith - it shouldn't take long."
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