Cluedo Deductions No. 1

Stretch your powers of deduction so that you can become an expert Cluedo player.

You are playing Miss Scarlett in a game of Cluedo. By following people's suggestions, who showed cards and who didn't, and the cards that you are shown; you must use your powers of deduction to work out whodunnit, with what and where by the end of the list.

Hint: This is a bit like a logic puzzle. When you find out that someone has a card, go back to the other occurrances of that card in the list to see if you can work out which cards were shown.

Notes: The order of play is Scarlett (Sc), Mustard (M), White (W), Green (G), Peacock (Pe) and Plum (Pl). If a player does not make an suggestion, then they are probably moving between rooms.
Cards in the deck are:
Suspects: Scarlett, Mustard, White, Green, Peacock and Plum.
Weapons: Dagger, Candlestick, Revolver, Rope, Lead Piping and Spanner.
Rooms: Hall, Lounge, Dining Room, Kitchen, Ballroom, Conservatory, Billiard Room, Library and Study.
The list of suggestions below is written as Suggestor: Person, Weapon, Place [Not: Who didn't have a card if applicable]. [Who did have a card if applicable] [showed Card if applicable]
eg. the first suggestion below means Colonel Mustard suggested Mrs. White with the Revolver in the Lounge; and Mrs White showed him an unknown card.

Here are your cards : Rope, Dining Room and Kitchen.
The Game :

Suggestor Person Weapon Place Not owned by A card owned by Card shown
M W Rev Lounge   W  
W W LP Lounge   G  
G G Rev Ballroom Pe Pl  
Pe G Spanner Conservatory Pl, Sc M  
Sc Sc Rev Lounge   M Sc
M G Rope Dining Room W G  
G W Rev Dining Room Pe, Pl Sc Dining Room
Pe G Can Ballroom   Pl  
Sc W Rev Conservatory M W Rev
W Pe Rope Conservatory G Pe  
Pe G Can Conservatory Pl, Sc, M W  
Pl M LP Study   M   
Sc W Rope Lounge M, W, G, Pe, Pl    
M Pl Rope Study   W  
W Pl Can Lounge G Pe  
G W Rope Conservatory Pe, Pl Sc Rope
Pl Sc LP Lounge   M  
Sc W Dagger Conservatory M W Conservatory
W M Can Conservatory G, Pe, Pl, Sc M  
G Pl Rev Lounge   Pe  
Miss Scarlett, it is your turn. By now you should know whodunnit, with what and where.