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Clue Alfred Hitchcock Edition:

Makers of special editions of Monopoly - USAopoly have gained the rights to do special editions of Clue. They have just released the first in the form of a special version of Clue to celebrate Hitchcock's 100th birthday. The six characters are dressed up as famous characters from his films, the weapons are also taken from his films and instead of rooms you have some of his famous sets.

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Clue Scooby Doo Edition:

USAopoly's second special edition of Clue features Fred as Mr.Green, Velma as Mrs.Peacock, Scooby Doo as Col.Mustard, Daphne as Miss Scarlet, Shaggy as Prof.Plum and Mrs.White as herself! This version of the game is unusual in that nobody is killed! Instead someone has been abducted and you have to work out which "ghost" took them.

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The Simpsons Clue:

USAopoly's third special edition of Clue was released on June 31st 2000. This version of the game has each of the Simpsons being a Clue character, with the locations being places from the show like the Kwik-E-Mart and the Bowling Alley; and you have to work out who killed Mr. Burns!. The original plans for the game (see cover on right) had Homer as Green, Marge as Peacock, Gramps as Mustard, Bart as Plum, Lisa as Scarlet and Maggie as White; but before release (cover left), this was changed to have Krusty as Mustard and Smithers as Mrs. White!!
Source: The World of Clue

NOTICE (25/03/02): Simpsons Cluedo has been released in the UK! Find a copy at your local Toys R Us, Argos or The Entertainer. The cover is similar to the US version, but slightly altered with the new Cluedo logo and a blue border. In the photo on the back cover, the text on the cards has been blurred, implying that it will probably be released in non-English speaking countries as well! Thanks to Bob Cook for the info!

24/08/02: Jon Cam's suspicions of a Second Edition of Simpsons Clue have come true. This version of the game is similar to the first, but with the main difference being that the pewter busts are replaced with fully decorated complete figures of each of the characters! Click image to zoom in. Thanks again to Bob Cook for the pic and info.

Jan 04: Roger Wilson has pointed out a Tin Edition of Simpsons Clue. This version seems to be identical to the Second Edition apart from the tin casing; and seems to be exclusive to Kohls.

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Dungeons & Dragons Clue:

USAopoly do it again! Another great version was released in July 2001, this time combined with the Dungeons & Dragons roleplay game. The suspects are taken from the 3rd Edition example characters; and are: Mialee the Elf Wizard (Red), Ember the Human Monk (White), Lidda the Halfling Rogue (Blue), Tordek the Dwarf Fighter (Yellow), Regdar the Human Fighter (Green) and Nebin the Gnome Illusionist (Purple).

The mystery is to discover which of these characters is the disguised Doppelganger who killed the Archmage of Korinon. The archmage's ghost has sealed you in his castle until you can discover the culprit.

The possible weapons are: Flaming Battle Axe, Mace of Disruption, Ring of Magic Missiles, Dagger of Venom, Staff of Power and the Vorpal Sword. The locations are: Chamber of Tricks & Traps, Dragon's Lair, Dungeon, Grand Hall, Library of Arcane Tomes, Lost Crypt, Magical Armory, Treasure Chamber and the Wizard's Tower.

For added fun, you can also fight the 6 roaming monsters for benefits such as extra speed or a peak into the scrolls which guard the answers to the Archmage's death. But if you loose the battle, you will be banished to the maze (centre) until you roll the correct number. These monsters are: Beholder, Bugbear,Gelatinous Cube, Displacer Beast, Goblin and the Skeleton.

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Disney Haunted Mansion Clue:

As Barbara LaRosa reported, Disney have teamed up with Hasbro to create some toys and games that will only be available at Walt Disney World. One of these games is a new version of Clue based on the "Haunted Mansion" attraction. Jon Cam spotted the pictures left and right (click to zoom in) and the following info on eBay, when they were being sold by "midniteramblr":
This is the Disney Haunted Mansion Clue board game. It is the classic Parker Brothers game redesigned around the Disney Haunted Mansion. The Board is beautifully illustrated with Haunted Mansion inspired artwork and features rooms from the ride. The classic Clue characters have been replaced with Disney characters. The game includes 6 character game pieces, 6 glow-in-the-dark ghost game pieces, illustrated character, ghost and room cards, special "Madame Leota's Reading" envelope, and specially designed detective pads. The game is housed in a beautifully decorated tin.

Tim McKenny sends through the picture to the right (click to zoom in) that was used for the front cover of Disney Haunted Mansion Clue and also the brilliant review below. HUGE thanks to him:

Game review by T. McKenny

In July of 2002, Disney opened "Once Upon A Toy", a new toy store located in the Downtown Disney area of the Walt Disney World complex outside Orlando, Florida. This store is home to several exclusive Disney Theme Park editions of Hasbro toys and games, including Lincoln Logs, Mr. Potato Head and, of course, Clue: The Haunted Mansion edition.

The two properties seem tailor made for each other. Aside from both being set in a large, rambling mansion, both the game and the attraction have enjoyed a dedicated fan following throughout the years, and both have even inspired feature films (the Haunted Mansion motion picture is currently in production for a 2003 release, and set to star Eddie Murphy and Jennifer Tilly).

The premise of the game is, of course, similar to classic Clue. Players must travel through nine areas of the Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion, making "Spiritual Suggestions" (and ultimately a "Mystic Prediction") to determine which classic Disney character was haunted by which ghost, and where.

Unlike other versions of Clue that utilize licensed characters (i.e. "Clue: Scooby-Doo", "Clue: The Simpsons edition", or "Clue: Alfred Hitchcock edition"), the Disney characters appear here as themselves, not as themselves masquerading as the classic Clue characters. Each character is depicted in 1940s attire of a predominant Clue color: Mickey wears a white dinner jacket, while Minnie wears a plum-colored dress and their faithful dog Pluto is clad in a old patched green sweater. The tokens representing the six guests are made of cast metal and set upon a plastic base in the appropriate color.

The six Ghost tokens are pale blue in color (cast, for some reason, in Glow-in-the-dark plastic - do many people play Clue in the dark?), and are based on characters seen in the Haunted Mansion attraction. The three "Hitchhiking Ghosts" (called here the Prisoner, Skeleton, and Traveler) and the Bride are, perhaps, the best known to guests. The Opera Singer and Mariner are stranger choices for inclusion-- the Opera Singer is glimpsed briefly in the Mansion's cemetery, while the Mariner appears only in a portrait hanging in one of the Mansion's corridors.

The game board has been "re-themed" with rooms and imagery taken from the Haunted Mansion at Walt Disney World in Florida, which is slightly different than its counterparts in California and Paris. Rooms not appearing in the Disney attraction have been renamed on the game board; thus, the Dining Room is now the Sťance Room, while the Kitchen is now the Graveyard. Only the Ballroom, Conservatory and Library retain their original names. Likewise, the artwork in each room is inspired by scenes set in its attraction counterpart. The artwork itself is very well done, and reflects a genuine fondness for the attraction in the details (close examination of the board will even reveal some "Hidden Mickeys" - the three attached circles that make up the Disney logo) . Some Clue fans may be a bit dismayed to learn that the game board features a rather surprising and glaring omission: in the Ballroom, the two doors closest to the Graveyard (the renamed Kitchen) and Conservatory have been omitted, leaving only the two doors facing the center of the board. Naturally, this may affect the game strategies of some players.

As mentioned earlier, the only place to purchase the game is at Once Upon a Toy at Walt Disney World's Downtown Disney (the games have also been found at the souvenir shops outside the actual attractions at Disneyland and Walt Disney World). However, collectors will be delighted to learn that both theme parks provide mail order services that offer the game. You can reach Disneyland DelivEARS at 1-800-760-3566 or WDW Merchandise Mail Order at 1-407-363-6200.


Game Contents:
1 Clue: The Haunted Mansion edition gameboard
6 Guest tokens (Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minnie Mouse, Daisy Duck, Goofy and Pluto)
6 Glow-in-the-dark Ghost tokens (The Bride, The Mariner, The Opera Singer, The Prisoner, The Skeleton and The Traveler)
1 pack of 21 Clue: The Haunted Mansion edition game cards
1 Pack of "Phantom Notebooks"
1 Solution Envelope ("Madame Leota's Reading")
1 Translucent blue "Doom Die"
2 Plastic storage trays
1 Instruction/Rules book (English, French and Spanish instructions included)
1 Collector's Tin

Manufactured by Hasbro Games / Parker Brothers exclusively for Walt Disney Parks & Resorts
Suggested Retail Price: $40.00


The Haunted Mansion: Official Movie Website: An Unofficial Tribute to Disney's Haunted Mansion:
Foxx's Grim Ghosts:

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