Cluedo & Clue Junior Boardgames

Junior Cluedo:

This was a more basic version of original game, with child versions of the characters (e.g. Wendy White and Mustard the dog).
Instead of having to uncover a murder, you now had to find the treasure hidden in one of the rooms while avoiding ghosts and spiders.

Cluedo Junior Rules

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Cluedo Junior Detective:

This kids version of Cluedo involves a bit more sleuthing than Junior Cluedo as players have to move around locations to reveal magnifying glass clues to work out which two items Watson has hidden in his kennel!
There are EIGHT playing pieces (Black and Peach are added) and the blurb goes:
"Watson, Inspector Cluedo's bloodhound, has hidden some items around the Detective Academy. Choose a character from the Inspector's eight nieces and nephews; Jake Plum, Natalie Peacock, Jessica Scarlett, Spike Mustard, Robbie Green, Tom Black, Megan White and Beth Peach. Help them to find the items and become Junior Detectives!"

The locations are 9 cards that you place in a grid (plus a tenth start card) and are: Main Gate, Shed, Swimming Pool, Terrace, Stables, Grand Hallway, Staircase, Boat House and Conservatory.

Cluedo Junior Detective Rules

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Clue Junior:

It's the Case of the Hidden Toys! One of the neighbourhood pets has hidden one kid's toy in the clubhouse. Which pet? Which toy?
That's the mystery! Cruise the neighbourhood until you've found all the clues. Search their hiding spots and check out all the kids. By elimination, what you don't find on the board is what's hidden in the clubhouse. You've solved the mystery!
Text by : Hasbro Inc.

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Cluedo Junior - The Case of the Missing Chocolate Cake:

Someone went into the kitchen and ate a piece of chocolate cake. Can you find out who did it - at what time and what they had to drink with it? 3-6 players.
Text by : Hasbro Inc.
Released: 2003
Purchase: or
Also available in the US as Clue Junior - The Case of the Missing Chocolate Cake

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Clue Jr. Travel Game:

Which Child is hiding in Which Room with Which Pet? This portable case contains everything junior detectives need to solve the mystery. Place the clue-filled mystery cards under the case lid, and play the mystery on the top card. Start by moving around the house until you land in a keyhole. Now use your mover like a key to open the door and reveal the clue hidden underneath. Cross off that clue on your notepad - but don't let anyone else see what you saw! When you've visited all the rooms and crossed off everything you've seen, you'll know Which Child, Which Room and Which Pet you didn't see. And that's the solution to the mystery!
Text by: Waddingtons Games Limited, Provided by Marty Fairgrieve.

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Clue Jr. Pirate Treasure Hunt:

Land Ho! In this special edition of Clue Jr., you are on a pirate treasure hunt! One of five historic pirates (Blackbeard, Captain Kidd, Black Bart, Anne Bonny or Calico Jack) has hidden their loot in the treasure chest. It is up to you and the Clue Jr. detectives to solve the case of the Pirate Treasure Hunt.

Learn about historic pirates, their treasure and ships with educational pirate trading cards and then check out where the action took place on the special pirate map!

Figure out which pirate hid what valuables in the treasure chest, and you win! Was it Blackbeard who hid the gold coins in the treasure chest? Or Captain Kidd who took the crown jewels?
Text by: USAopoly

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Clue Jr. Mickey Mouse Edition:

This special edition of Clue Jr. was discovered on Amazon and features Disney characters.

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Clue Little Detective Color Matching Mystery Game:

In this game, there are six characters but only up to four can play. On your turn you draw a card. If the card has a colour on it, you move to that colour. If you draw a card with a creature on it, you move to that creature. If it says "Boo", then you get scared and must go back to start.
The winner is the first person to get from the attic to the backdoor in the kitchen.
The rules are here.
Text by: Sammy Gresham

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