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Inspector Grey has been sent in to discover who commited murder at Tudor Close / Arlington Grange. It is your job to help him and discover whodunnit, with what weapon and where.

By clicking on the suspects’ pictures to the left, you can read their answers to the questions that Inspector Grey has posed them.

Click on the Weapons icon (top left) to see where the possible weapons were discovered and where they are usually kept.

Click on the Map icon (top right) to see the layout of Tudor Close.
NOTE: This will open as a separate window so that you can refer to it whenever you want.

Click on the "Murder Cards" icon to make a suggestion as to Whodunit, with What and Where. You will then be told how many you guessed correctly. Try and do this as few times as possible.

Click on the Book icon to take you back to the story.

Click on the central "Cluedo" icon (or on the link below) to take you back to the main page.

Try to solve the mystery by reading as few of the testimonies as you can before you make a suggestion (see the scoring section below). If you get it wrong, go back to the testimonies and read a little more.

Take your time. Re-read the story several times - the clues are in there ...

HINT: Cluedo is a game of deduction. Any of the suspects at the house that night could have been the killer. Try to work out who it most likely was, what weapons they had access to and where they (and the victim) could have gone. All movements should be supported by the story, the testimonies or the items that people picked up during the evening.

Also, the locations of the weapons will help you invaluably. Try to work out how they got to where they ended up.

If you get REALLY stuck, there are more hints through the "Murder Cards" section - but please try not to use them.



Note : Scoring only works on JavaScript enabled browsers (e.g. IE 3 and above and Netscape 3 and above)

Each player starts off with a score of one hundred points. Points will then be deducted as follows:

Score ranges are as follows:
100 : Expert Detective (or you've played the game before !!)
70 - 99 : Top Detective
40 - 69 : Maturing Detective
10 - 39 : Trainee Detective
Below 10 : Beginner
Don't worry too much about your score, practice makes perfect. Try your hand at another mystery.

© Paul Howls, 1998-2001


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