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This site is a collection of everything in the world to do with the classic detective board game Cluedo aka Clue. There are guides to the British, Australian, French, German and Swedish television series, Clue: The Movie guide and media, a huge resource of information on most of the available Cluedo and Clue merchandise, international card comparisons, media, rules, links to other sites and even online Murder Mysteries to solve!

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Pick of the News:

NEW (9/Feb/16): Midsomer Murders Cluedo is now available. Check it out at Amazon

NEW (4/Mar/15): Now that most browsers can cope with special character sets, I've updated the International Page to display Croatian, Czech and Slovenian card names correctly (e.g. Gospod-ica Toncvic/ now displays as Gospođica Tončić). If anyone could give me the correct codes for Cantonese & Japanese or if your country is missing from the list, please Contact Me (Note: A lot of the editions have "standardised" to the names of nearby countries, to reduced printing costs. I'd love to know the "traditional" names as well as current ones).

NEW (1/Sep/14): Years before he headed Dr. Who - Russell T. Davies wrote Cluedo Series 4 Episode 1 - "Finders Keepers". Check out the screen captures and info for it in the Cluedo TV Series Guide.

NEW (22/Aug/14): The Cluedo TV Series Guide gains the information and pictures for Series 3 Episode 6 - "Deadly Dowry".

NEW (19/Aug/14): Added James Porter's Lego Cluedo Cards to the Fan Art page.
Updated the Current Release links (above) and the Shopping page with lots of items.
Got rid of all the dead websites in the Links page (so many have gone!) and added Matthew Chapman's new site.

NEW (15/Aug/14): I want to finish off adding all the information to the Cluedo TV Series Guide, so today I have added all of the information and pictures for Series 3 Episode 4 and Episode 5.

NEW (7/Aug/14): The Online Deduction Game, that I made in 2002 had (unsuprisingly as web browsers have changed a lot since then) stopped working. I've fixed this now, so you should be able to play it again.
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